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Hello! My name is Serena, I’m an Italian Makeup Artist and i love animals.
I have always taken care for pets that I had.

Ever since I graduated as a beautician in 2001, I thought that cosmetics should be made by replacing animal barbarians with laboratory tests. What is perfectly feasible.
For some time, I have come up with the decision to create an online shop that deals only with special cared products according to my visionCruelty Free products.

Along with me, other people will follow in this mission, people who marry this philosophy of a beautiful world without cruelty to animals.
The toughest part of this work is the search for suppliers of these products.

It is not as simple as it seems, because both EU legislation on this subject and some private certification are not enough to ensure the certainty of a Cruelty Free product.



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See you soon!

P.S. If you want, you can now write me in the live chat below, I’m usually online and I’ll answer you soon!

Online Cosmetics Shop

Do you want to buy 100% certified cosmetics?

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I’m searching every day for news and online course and updates about the cruelty free world.

On 13 July 2017 i got the Certified Cruelty Free course badge.

Certified Cruelty Free is not simply a course. It is a journey within ourselfs and inside our mindset.
You recognize that you need to wake up and DO something for real, because the Earth is our house but is also my house. And I do not want any type of violence in my house. Do you?

I’m a WWF donor, card number 09119367. I believe that donate to a global association like WWF, is the first step for doing something.

But the most important step is to do by our-self something every day, for make this world better a little bit.

Every little thing is important, if everybody in the world would like to do a little improvement to our environment, we will do over 7.5 billions of little improvements. Not bad, huh?

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