4 Vegan and Cruelty Free Products for Summer 2018

With the arrival of the summer you must always have cosmetics on hand that can enhance the beauty of the skin, and that of the face. But which products to choose that are not tested on animals and that can be used correctly for the summer? Today we want to propose the ideal cosmetics for the summer period and above all ideal for all those who want a cruelty free and vegan product. But let’s see together what are the best!

Long-lasting mineral illuminant

The Etré Belle Diamond Glow Compact Highlighter is an ideal product for the summer season. The reason is the presence within this of minerals that can reflect light, making the skin brighter and at the same time with a satin effect. The product has a creamy texture that adapts to dry skin, making it even softer.

The product is easy to apply, just take a portion with your fingers and place it in specific areas that allow you to better outline the features of the face. The best areas are: cheeks, lips and eyes.

The Make Up Artist’s advice: apply the product in the upper area of ​​the cheekbone to make the face brighter, and use your fingers to harmonize and better distribute the product.

Intensive hydration lipid

It is well known that during the summer season it is normal to incur the risk of having dry lips. This is due to problems such as heat and poor hydration. To combat these problems in the best way, you can use Etre Belle’s intensive hydrating lip gloss. This product contains a large vitamin complex, which makes the lips full and shiny, also acting as an antioxidant.

The finish of this glossy lip is really bright, and thanks to the brush inside it is possible to have greater precision during application. This lip gloss is presented as glossy, as a mirror, this provides four shades with a professional finish.

The advice of Make Up Artist: to obtain a more natural finish, it is advisable to apply it directly on the lips, without lipstick. To obtain a more opaque effect, on the other hand, you can choose to apply it over the lipstick.

Etrè BelleEtré Belle

Color Passion Lipstick TheColor Passion lipstick is perfect for summer. This guarantees an immediate feeling of well-being, thanks to its soft texture and its highly hydrating effect. This lipstick with a natural base presents sunflower seeds and flower extracts, this cosmetic product has anti-inflammatory power and can also protect the lips from the sun’s rays. This is why it is suitable for the daily application. The lipstick has several advantages such as: an anti-aging effect, a UV filter that can protect from the sun, and a series of trendy colors.

The board of Make Up Artist: If you want to get a translucent finish you choose to fade lipstick lightly with your fingertips.

Aloe Vera Carotene from Etré Belle

Finally, to complete your beauty path during the summer season, you should definitely choose an ideal cream to fight dry and dehydrated skin. The Aloe Vera cream with added Carotene is able to reinforce and protect the epithelial tissues. To obtain an excellent moisturizing effect it is possible to apply the cream both in the morning and in the evening, after having washed the face.