7 Benefits of Argan Oil

The benefits of Argan Oil are diverse. This is an oil that comes mainly from Southeast Morocco and is extracted from a fruit that can be used for different purposes. Precisely because of its beneficial properties and the beauty of its forest, this has been declared a UNESCO biosphere reserve.

Argan Oil has been used for centuries in Morocco and has spread to the rest of the world only in recent years. Its diffusion has been due to the richness of organoleptic elements such as vitamin A, vitamin B, antioxidants, Omega 6, linoleic acid and fatty acids.

But let’s see together what are the 7 benefits of Argan Oil.

1-Tonifies the skin

Argan Oil tones the skin of the body. To use it for this purpose you can use the countless natural creams on the market. We recommend you try the natural cream with Argan Oil by Atelier Naturae to improve the skin condition of your body.

2-Exfoliating the Skin

The cane sugar, mixed with the pure argan oil, allows to exfoliate and eliminate the skin and the dead cells. This treatment, if carried out twice a week for about 3 minutes, is able to give a bright skin, without stains and without matting it.

3-Contrast Acne

One of the positive effects of Argan oil is its ability to counteract epidermal problems such as acne. The oil is able to perform a sebum-regulating action, thus lowering the excess sebum in the skin and also eliminates the appearance of pimples and blackheads.

4-Controlling stretch marks

There are several products that can prevent stretch marks and improve the elasticity and tonicity of the skin. Argan oil can be applied both before and after pregnancy to prevent or treat stretch marks. But also on other areas such as the hips, thighs and buttocks.

5-Eliminate Shaving Problems

Products and creams with Argan oil are able to relieve the skin after shaving. When using a razor on your skin, there is a risk of redness and irritation of your skin. To eliminate these problems it is recommended to use Argan oil body oil or body cream immediately after shaving.

6-Enhances the Hair State

Argan oil is a product that improves the condition of hair, promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss. Argan oil increases hair thickness, hair length and hair texture.

7-Contrast the fragility of the nails and dryness of the skin

Argan oil and creams based on this ingredient are ideal for fighting fragile nails, the dryness of the hands of the skin, feet and face. To counteract the negative effects of epithelial dryness you can choose to use the products of Atelier Naturae which produces both facial and body creams.

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