7 reasons for using Bio and Vegan cosmetics

Today, the marketing of BIO, vegan and cruelty free products is becoming increasingly widespread. These products are in great demand, because after years of use of cosmetics and creams with chemical ingredients and animal derivatives, and the effects not really positive for the skin, women and men are increasingly looking for natural and beneficial products, and that do not involve excessive chemical processing.

But let’s see together, what are the 7 reasons to use organic cosmetics, vegan and cruelty free.

1- Manufactured mainly with natural ingredients

Organic, vegan and cruelty free cosmetics contain mostly natural and untested ingredients on animals. This feature allows them to take full advantage of the natural extracts offered by nature make them environmentally friendly, sustainable and above all in line with the philosophy of vegan.

2- Nourish the skin deeply

These cosmetics are really a source of beauty for the skin of the face and body. They have countless beneficial effects and do not contain silicones, heavy metals or those derived from oil. Synthetic substances age and damage the skin, and penetrate into the skin tissue enriching it with toxins.

3- Ideal for those who have sensitive skin

Those who have very sensitive skin need products that can make it more beautiful but without damaging it with chemical elements. These products are therefore ideal for those who suffer from epithelial sensitivity, those who are prone to skin irritation and those who are allergic to nickel or other chemicals.

4- They are highly certified

One of the advantages of vegan and organic products is the certainty of buying a highly controlled product. Obtaining these certifications is very difficult, for this reason those who produce them respect different rules and offer optimal quality products.

5- Ancient wisdom in innovative products

These cosmetics take up ancient recipes based on herbs, flowers, extracts and oils. Ancient customs practiced for centuries all over the world, and that for a time have been replaced by synthetic and industrial ingredients.

6- Respect environmental sustainability

The environment is becoming increasingly sensitive to negative industrial effluents. The production of eco-sustainable products makes it possible to lower the high levels of smog. Vegan and organic cosmetics have packaging that does not pollute the environment, using natural products emit less chemical fumes in the air.

7- A fashion that never goes by

Organic and vegan cosmetics is actually much older than you think. From the Romans, to the Egyptians, to the Phoenicians, the Arabs and the Indians, the products offered by nature have always been appreciated and used for the beauty of body and skin. Industrial cosmetics is with chemical compounds instead it is much more recent, and has been introduced to speed up production methods and at the same time creating products that will not be ruined over time. Today, with the union of industrial techniques and new discoveries in the biotechnological field, it is possible to give the same results, but without having to make the products excessively chemical, and mainly using natural beneficial extracts.