Agronauti Cosmetics: Vegan and Organic Cosmetics

There are many vegan brands of cosmetics, but not everyone has all-natural ingredients. In fact to compensate for the use of ingredients of natural origin, many brands choose to opt for chemical components or synthesis. Agronauti Cosmetics is firstly distinguishes for this reason, that is, for his well-being philosophy that involves the use of high quality products, especially vegan 100% natural.

The Staff of Agronauti cosmetic works every day to find ingredients that can enhance the beauty of all those who do not rely on chemical or natural origin. These are all the scouts and unpublished formulas farmers are for good the body and also the environment. Every product made by cosmetic Agronauti are made from natural components even their sponges, brushes and combs.

What makes very attractive these products is also their original artistic packaging and fully recyclable. This aspect is very important and distinguishes them from other manufacturers of cosmetics. In fact, this element is understand to how Agronauti Cosmetic takes nature and the environment as well as to animals.

For all those who are skeptical, moreover, it is also possible to be able to remove all doubts to the buyers. In fact, all the ingredients are specified and also the formulation of their products. For this is under a licensed Creative Commons 4.0 that allows anyone who wishes to send suggestions to improve the formulation of cosmetics.

Very interesting are the words of project manager Agronauti Cosmetic, Cristian Melloni: “We have no secrets. Rather. We are happy to cede to others the keys to our knowledge. We believe that collective intelligence is the real wealth of this world, and technology that allows us to share it. And after all … be copied is perhaps the greatest sign of success? “.

Agronauti Cosmetic: products, prices and where to buy

The Agronauti Cosmetic products,covering many aspects of cosmetics and beauty. Mainly among their cosmetics you can find: body creams, deodorants, face creams, conditioners, shampoos, soaps, cleansing masks, sponges, brushes and more. You can discover all their wonderful products directly on the site Agronauti Cosmetic: .

On their website you can not only see all of their products, but also discover their philosophy Vegan, their love for the animals and everything that represents them. The price of Agronauti Cosmetic products is really small considering using only natural ingredients. The price of natural deodorant is about € 10.99 , while the masks cost only € 11 , more or less the other products fluctuate on this figure. So the prices are really affordable to anyone who desires. To buy their products, you can instead opt for their store or directly online, on the official website or you can choose to search one of the brand shops in Italy.