Alkemilla Cosmetic: Brand Cruelty-free and Eco-bio

Alkemilla Cosmetic is a company that offers a line of rich products, cosmetics every need and inherent beauty of the person is covered by one of the brand’s products. Among its categories we find various sections:

  • Make up
  • Face
  • Hair
  • Body
  • Oils
  • Solar Creams
  • Kids

In addition to having a line of many products designed for every need of women and children, Alkemilla Cosmetic proposes selling these directly online on its official website. A positive side of the company is of course her combine eco-organic ingredients to cruelty free standards. This way when you buy a product of Alkemilla line, not only protect the animals from clinical trials, but it can also protect the environment thanks to the various biological and ecological choices made by the company.

Alkemilla Cosmetic: the company and its policy

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Alkemilla Cosmetic is a fully Italian who chose to produce only organic cosmetics. This choice was made because its creators were seeking a way to create beauty products that were created but in a safe and guaranteed above all that would respect both the animals and the environment.

Precisely in order to meet the various production lines and ecological bio and to create products that do not absolutely detrimental to animal health, Alkemilla chose to use the innovations in the cosmetics industry.

The production of cosmetics Eco Bio Alkemilla therefore provides innovative formulations and use of cosmetic technologies that can be adapted to the naturalness of its ingredients. Alkemilla addition to representing its products with a solid politics, Eco-bio  has also chosen to obtain various certifications such as:

  • QC Certifications
  • Aiab
  • Lav
  • Vegan

The Alkemilla products besides being organic, environmentally friendly and cruelty free fact are also vegan and therefore contain no animal ingredient. Also in respect of the intolerant, these products have been dermatologically tested, non on animals, for allergies to Chromium, Cobalt and Nickel. So these cosmetics can also be used by those suffering from these allergies.

Where to buy products Vegan Eco and bio Alkemilla

Cosmetics of Alkemilla well as being sold directly on the official website these can also be found in many vegan and organic shops throughout Italy. To find the stores in which the products Alkemilla are sold, just go again on the official website and discover the many outlets that offer them to its customers throughout Italy. Prices of Alkemilla cosmetics are in line with those of other products vegan which are offered also in foreign companies as well as Italian. But we can be certain that the company’s products are really taken care of and made from natural and vegan products. To order cosmetics Alkemilla on the site just put it in the cart and exceeded € 38 for free shipping, however the minimum order is set at € 15. Finally, for those with a cosmetics shop, Alkemilla also gives you the opportunity to become resellers and sell its products in its own store.