Applications for smartphones for choice vegan cosmetics

Do you need help in choosing cosmetics vegan or cruelty free? No fear! Do not get it from being indecisive, to help with your needs there are applications for smatphone and tablet. In particular, we talk about those apps that can distinguish the ingredients present in the INCI so as to confirm if it is really a vegan cosmetic. In this article we will discuss the best applications for both Android and Apple.

Application “Biotiful”

It is one of the most used applications here in Italy. It is available for both Android and Apple, compatible with Iphone, Ipad and Ipod touch. It is free and is available in Italian. Its feature is the very large database with more than 25,000 products on the catalog market. It works with the camera of the device, which reads the bar code, allows you to track product information without having to enter the list of ingredients or typing anything. Only if the product is not cataloged manually inserts the list of ingredients to get immediate evaluation. It is very convenient and fast so you can use it while you are spending without losing too much time.

Application “E’ verde?”

In addition to being a database where cosmetic products and individual ingredients are registered, you can access the forum via email so you can compare your ideas with other users and ask questions. It is also useful to read product reviews. Available for both Apple and Android in Italian. It costs 0.89 cents but is free if the ads that appear do not bother you.

“Inci Ok” application

Risultati immagini per inci okThis mother-of-pearl application in italy is only available for Android. Allows you to search the product or ingredients by scanning the barcode, or manually inserting the INCI. It is only available in Italian and no internet connection is required to use it, very useful when you are in the shop and there is no field. Additionally, the app lets you save your searches to create a backup that you can use when purchasing.




“Animal-free” application

It’s a very useful app for not only organic cosmetics but also for vegans. The database is rich in both cosmetic and food ingredients, and classifies them according to whether they are animal derived or not. The search is aimed at a single substance, which will appear with a brief description, or the product. You can also scan the barcode without having to manually enter the INCI. It is available for both Android and Apple for free and is in English.

Application “Icea Check”

Icea Check is the app developed by the famous Icea Certification Body. Unfortunately, it is only available for Apple but the good news is that it can be installed in Italian. This app lists more than nine thousand substances and is constantly updating, with the promise of registering up to twenty thousand substances. The ingredients appear to be cataloged in “good” with green and “bad” smile, with a red bullet to signal them. Classification is based on eco-compatibility, dermal compatibility, environmental impact and toxicity.