Argital Brand Cruelty free: clay based cosmetics

Argital is one of the brands Cruelty free and Vegan Ok, which operate and distribute their products in Italy and around the world. Argital has been working in the cosmetics and care sector since 1979 when the company was founded.

Since the beginning of its activity, Argital has chosen to discover and study all the properties of green clay and consequently formulate clay based cosmetics that can be natural and ideal for the care and well-being of beauty. of the body.

In addition to green clay, the company uses other completely natural and selected products, even for perfume, no chemicals are used but pure essential oils are used, which also give an intense odor that persist in time .

In order to provide all their customers with products that can be truly of the highest quality, the company decided in 2005 to move the company to Sicily, in a sunny, clean and ventilated place. In addition, it was chosen by them as a place opposite the Mediterranean Sea and very close to a quarry from which natural green clay is extracted.

Argital the products of the brand Cruelty free

All the cosmetics made by Argital, have been recognized by ICEA and LAV, and also the Vegan Ok brand. Thanks to all these awards, anyone who chooses to use these cosmetics can be certain that within these products there are no ingredients of animal origin, no less have components that have been tested on animals.

The natural cosmetics of this company, are made with green clay and active plant ingredients, and also uses several herbal herbs with Demeter certification. This certification assures the client that the herbs used come from certified organic gardens or that come from spontaneous harvesting.

Naturalness and well-being are surely the focal point of all cosmetics made by this company. Among the products offered by this company you can find innumerable lines for the care and beauty of the person.

The lines range from face to face, to anti-cellulite or to body well-being, and you can also find different cosmetics ideal for natural cure and hair cleansing, such as shampoo and conditioner.

Argital: the line of non-allergenic and non-preservative cosmetics

Argital, among its products, also includes a line of high quality natural cosmetics made with the Purple Green Tricolor BIO Extract. These cosmetics are extremely delicate and can solve skin problems, do not harm it, and can also be used by those who suffer from allergy.

This Viola tricolor line is made without allergen and without preservatives, in this way, the company also gives the possibility to those who suffer from allergy, who can withstand the perfumes or preservatives, to use beauty products for their skin .

All the ingredients inside the non-allergenic and non-preservative line are organic, besides being Cruelty free, they are also referred to vegans and vegetarians because there are no animal derived ingredients inside.