Atelier Naturae: Organic Vegan brand made in Italy

Lately we hear more and more talk about the eco-bio and vegan brands. Interest in these cosmetics in fact they are feeding, and many companies are meeting the consumers who wish to use for your skin only natural products and not tested on animals.

One of the Italian companies operating for several years on this market is Atelier Naturae. This company provides cosmetic in his mission only produced natural cosmetics and herbal ingredients and in some cases of biological origin. In cosmetics Atelier Naturae is not in fact present:

  • Petrol oil
  • Parabens
  • Silicones
  • SLES
  • SLS
  • Animal ingredients or animal testing

The company was founded in 2006, offers many products designed not only for consumers but also for industry professionals. In fact in its lines also it provides for different detergents perfect for use by beauticians and hairdressers. At first the brand foresaw only professional lines, in fact, the production of cosmetic products for ordinary consumers only started in 2016. Many of the ingredients used by the company, they are 100% Italian and from certified organic agriculture. In respect not only the environment but also the animals, are not provided in any formulation components of animal origin or tested on them.

The products offered by Atelier Naturae

Atelier Naturae on the site you can see all the products offered by the company, each line is based on a natural product rich in nutrients for the skin. Let’s see what are theingredients main of Atelier Naturae:

Argan: natural products products based on argan oil, such as shower gel, body lotion with Argan oil, hand cream, face cream.

Ciri Biri pampering: this is a line dedicated entirely to the baby’s skin.

Olea: This is an all-natural line based on olive oil.

Rosa: in this line you may encounter countless products to the musk rose as shower gel, body lotion, hand cream, face cream.

Breath: these products are light and delicate like the super moisturizing creams for the feet.

Aloe Vera: in this line all products are enriched by the properties of Aloe Vera.

Vitamin: Finally, the last line there are all the skin care products and detergents made with red fruits.

Atelier Naturae: where to buy the products

Atelier Naturae products can be purchased in stores that sell vegan and organic products. But if you do not find a physical shop near you, you can always opt for the purchase of products directly on the official website of Atelier Naturae. The site has an e-commerce in which you will find all natural products, the various proposals lines. Product prices are accessible to all and for orders exceeding 40 Euros shipping is completely free.