Base make up vegan when you are tanned

When the summer season arrives and tans, you do not just need to change your clothes but also makeup products. In fact, the tanned skin tends to be one or two shades darker than usual for this reason it is necessary to provide to buy tricks that can give the skin a brighter shade and able to improve your tan.

But let’s see together some tips for a vegan and cruelty free makeup ideal for the summer season!

Base make up vegan when you are tanned


When you’re tanned you have to make a face base that allows you to enhance the tan. There is nothing worse than seeing a gap between the neck and the face or a tanned body and the base of the clear face. To avoid this effect then you can choose to buy a foundation and a powder that is a darker shade.

We recommend using the Diamond Foundation Medium by etre belle, which enhances the shine of the leather. This product offers the possibility to obtain an excellent coverage but at the same time, you will be able to bring out the color of the tan.

To complete the base of the face you can then choose to finish everything with a compact powder, like the one proposed by etre belle, completely vegan and suitable for all skin types. Also, in this case, you have to choose a slightly darker shade to bring out the tan.

Now you have to add a touch of brightness to your face, so choose to use a compact cream illuminator. This illuminating inside presents mineral pigments, which then reflect the light on the skin and give the face a satin and shiny effect. Really perfect for the summer. If you do not want to wear too much makeup you can use the illuminant directly on the eyelids of the eyes.

Make up vegan eyes to bring out the tan

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During the summer to bring out the day or evening the tan you can use different eyeshadows and colors ideal to be able to make the eyes more beautiful and magnetic. The best colors to bring out the tan are pearl white, gold, bronze, and silver.

If you want to get an effect that makes the tan stand out but at the same time helps you to give a touch of color to the makeup, the best colors are pink and blue.

I advise you, to make the vegan makeup long-lasting use of the colored pencils of etre belle, these have a creamy texture and ideal for applying makeup at all times even after the summer. Apply a trickle of makeup with the creamy pencil after which you can choose to blend it slightly on the eyelid to obtain a more homogeneous effect.

Makeup your lips to bring out the tan

Finally, for your vegan makeup, I recommend the best colors for the lips. Surely they adopt all those bright colors that can bring out even the beauty of the lips. I suggest you make your face shine with a Gloss Gloss lip, the Elixier Gloss by etre belle. This illuminating luster is perfect for the season, thanks to its colors: peach, cherry, and pink.