BB Cream Eco-bio: What are the Best?

The BB cream are special creams that moisturize the skin and give it a light complexion. So these are a good compromise between a foundation and a moisturizer. For years the BB cream were produced only in companies not cruelty free and without organic products. Infact, the BB cream of the leading of cosmetics brands, unfortunately, are rich in silicones and chemical components harmful to the skin. But now the situation has changed and there are so many companies offering the BB cream without chemicals and manufactured only with eco-organic ingredients. Let’s see what are the best on the market!

Lavera: the BB cream 6 in 1 Beauty Balm

Cream BB The proposed by Lavera is not only made with organic and ecofriendly ingredient, but its INCI is completely vegan. For this reason, this is among the best on the market and a favorite of those who do not want cosmetic with animal ingredients. The BB Cream realized by Lavera has many positive aspects. First of all, thanks to its light texture can minimize defects of the skin, has a matte effect that makes the skin less glossy.

The BB cream Lavera,silicones do not contain chemicals and ingredients, it can be used without problems even by those who have oily skin. This moisturizer has no contraindications, is also perfect as a base for makeup and to maintain healthy and beautiful nourished. Unfortunately, this cream is available in a single color, and can be used only by those who have fair or medium skin, it is not suitable instead for dark and olive skin.

The 3 BB Cream of So  Bio Etic

‘So Bio Etic offers as many as 3 different BB Cream, all made with natural ingredients and no chemicals or silicones. The BB cream made by So ‘Bio Etic are ideal for different skin types and every product is designed to meet the needs of a wider female customers.

The products referred to BB cream of So ‘Bio etic are:

Perfecteur de Teint: this cream is one of the most opaque, in fact, its texture is slightlypasty,but you can draw well on the face. As one proposed by Lavera, this can be used by those with oily skin and suffer from pimples and acne. In addition to its high coverage it allows to eliminate even small skin imperfections. This BB cream can be used for oily and mixed creams and can be fixed with a layer of powder in order to obtain a longer lasting effect.

Perfecteur BB cream Light texture: the other BB Cream proposal by So ‘Bio Etic has a light texture that improves skin color and is perfect to even out skin color. This product is perfect for those with dry skin or normal and does not suffer from too obvious imperfections.

BB cream to the donkey milk: finally the last BB cream produced is made with donkey’s milk, this is perfect to moisturize the skin, making it more luminous and hydrated.