Bellapierre Cosmetic: Mineral cosmetics with Leaping Bunny certification

Bellapierre Cosmetic is one of the make-up companies that has decided to create cruelty free and natural cosmetics by also getting several certifications that prove its integrity. In 2000 David Oren, a lover of natural cosmetics, began producing a line of cosmetics and natural skin products.

Oren, wanted to give more importance to the quality and purity of the product than to the moves or choices best suited to commerce and the advertising market.

One of David Oren‘s greatest achievements, however, comes only in 2005 when the new skincare line he created has begun to make room among women and buyers all over the United States. This astonishing admiration for his line led him a few years later to launch a new idea in the cosmetics industry, which involved the creation of mineral makeup. These were the starting point that allowed him to found Bellapierre Cosmetic.

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Bellapierre Cosmetic: Their strength in the Cruelty free cosmetics market

The products made by Bellapierre Cosmetic are unique in their kind, these are completely natural and are made with mineral powders that have even greater coverage than those created with artificial and synthetic ingredients. There are also many make-up artists who recently choose to use to create the face of their models or actresses, mineral-based products.

Mineral powders can at the same time give anyone who desires a perfect face, which imperfections are not seen and perfectly concealed by the makeup, as well as providing the ability to make up with a light product that does not damage the skin and does not make it Oily or off after using make-up.

Today no woman wants to go around with a wax mask in place of her face, they all want a super-covering make-up, but at the same time they look natural and not heavy.

Bellapierre Cosmetic: natural and pure cosmetics

Risultati immagini per bellapierre

Everyone who likes to make up, they also have a good relationship with the color and the beauty that must still give the product you buy. Bellapierre’s cosmetic products look thin as a powder but provide the right color for both facial base and blush, and for eye shadings always made with mineral products.

Cosmetics made with chemical and synthetic products often give the skin a good looking appearance, but as they are worn these products obstruct the pores of the skin and do not breathe. Not giving your skin the chance to breathe this in a short time will show you ruined and brash. Mineral products, on the other hand, make the skin continue to breathe and keep it pure and young despite being cheated with a certain frequency and assiduity.

All Bellapierre Cosmetic line products are available on their online e-commerce website and can also be shipped to Italy. The price of cosmetic Bellapierre, despite their quality and uniqueness are still quite affordable and certainly we can say we find a great value for money.