Best Bio Hair products

Today is very fashionable organic products,and not without a reason. These are products that respect nature and with it, our bodies, in the field of beauty. And for the hair? For these are excellent “bio” products that can be shampoo, masks, conditioners, supplements and even colors! In short, to get shiny hair, beautiful, strong and healthy, follow these tips that come directly from nature.

The best cosmetics for hair Bio: ranking

Here is a list with the best organic cosmetics for hair

1-Khadi Amla Shampoo is a product called “vegan” and particularly suitable for the luster of the hair. The Amla is a fruit acid with a high component of vitamin C, therefore very nutritious, is devoid of alcohol and silicones, and is the best chosen by women on the web. It uses easily but you want to rinse long because otherwise it tends to weigh down the hair. But the result is amazing! Soft hair and bright only € 9.99.

2-In second place the shampoo Benecos Natural apricot (apricot) with of elder flower (edel flower). Format mixing these two natural elements with kernel oil, almond and vegan perfume extract is well suited for brittle hair that break easily. Costa just over € 3.

3-Urtekram (€ 8.78) is a shampoo-based Rasul (clay) mixed with aloe vera and glycerine. Great for oily hair to the scalp, it seems to work very well and people will especially appreciate the “no” aggression. Yummy perfume, perhaps the only flaw is that it has a short shelf life.

4-For those with weak and too thin hair, shampoo the is ideal brand Lavera. It also buys online only € 3.99 and orange extracts act as plumping and stimulating the growth of the hair.

The best hair masks and conditioners

As for the masks that give health to the hair, protecting it against attacks from external agents, even here there are choices, in-store and on the web. For example we Mater Natura sunflower seed (€ 12.90) with its vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids that in addition to protecting nourishes the hair and prevents stress from wind and sun.

The mask Laboratoire oil Macadamia (€ 4.95) with the addition of shea oil and aloe vera has repairing effect, this also protects against the effects of time intended as climate agents. Well known in the field of organic Risultati immagini per maschera Laboratoire all’olio di Macadamiaproducts, Biofficina Toscana offers Balm Active Concentrate only € 9.88 which gives a significant increase in volume to the hair with the nourishment and softness. The balsamic effect is also given fresh lemon scent that serves to relax the scalp.

As we see so do not miss the opportunity to decide, but also to mix all these products according to individual requirements resulting in a detailed and careful care of the hair. Today more than ever, with what our hair suffer in a polluted world, know how to gire and do it the natural way is the best weapon of defense. No hesitation, therefore, their wallets! It’s worth it!