Body Cream Vegan: how to achieve it using only natural ingredients

Are commercially countless body creams that can simply be purchased without much effort, but sometimes you want to create them directly on their own to be able to have both the satisfaction of having created a vegan body cream, both to save money.

There are so many ingredients that can be used to create a body cream Vegan, let us see then what are some recipes to achieve it directly at home with out too much work.

Vegan Cream Body: rice and almonds

A natural body cream that can be created simply at home is one that involves the use of two simple ingredients rice and almonds, of course not in their original form! Let’s see what are the ingredients of this nourishing and moisturizing cream:

  • 40 gr.of soy
  • 80 gramslecithin.of water
  • 40 gr. of almond oil
  • 1 teaspoon ricestarch
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract

To prepare the body cream:

Take first of all thesoy lecithin beansand heat it with plain water, placing it in a water bath. This should be dissolved slowly over a low flame, once this has dissolved completely, add the almond oil in the liquid. After you add the rice starch and vanilla extract, completed entering all the ingredients, mix everything again in a water bath,if thenyou want to get a nice creamytexture,take a mixer and blend it all. To store it, put it in a glass phial and then store it inside the refrigerator.

Body cream with coconut and rice starch

Another recipe that you really must try and make your light and moisturized and coconut cream and starch completely Vegan rice. Let’s see what are the ingredients to create this simple cream body Vegan:

  • 20 grof soy
  • 40 grlecithin of coconut
  • 20 grams milk of coconut Oil
  • ½ teaspoonrice starch

To prepare the cream:

Using the soy lecithin,you can improve the creaminess of the preparation and also will help to keep longer the cream in the fridge. So as for the other cream, take a pan and put it in a water bath with coconut milk and soy lecithin.

Let slowly dissolvelecithin soyin the coconut milk, without bringing it on to boil, while the disciogliete if you consume the milk you can add more as during preparation. After dissolving the soy lecithin, add the coconut oil,removing the mixture from the pan, and the rice starch. Once you have added all the ingredients again on storing bath maria fire, after which let you create a beautiful and soft cream.

Even this body cream Vegan may be stored inside a glass jar and then placed in the refrigerator to get that last longer. This in addition to being a good body cream is also an excellent face cream, applying it will have a brighter face and nourished by the many beneficial properties oil and coconut milk.