Body scrubs DIY: with Natural ingredients and Cruelty Free

The scrub is one of the things that every woman loves to do in the shower, with this fact, you can first of all remove all impurities that are created on the body such as, the dead skin cells, the tan residue etc …Thanks to scrub the skin improves their status becomes brighter and smoother while also doing it often adding circular movements can prevent or lessen the appearance of cellulite. In the market there are different types of scrubs ready for use, but why not try to make it at home? With all-natural ingredients that do not harm the skin but nourish deeply. Let’s see some recipes for body scrubs homemade:

Body scrubs kiwi homemade

One of the first recipes is definitely very cool and easy to make, the ingredients of this scrub are: salt, lemon juice, kiwi and almond oil. To make it, take a kiwi and shake it with the olive oil until creamy soda, after which add a little of lemon juice. After the cream, take the big salt put inside a cloth and break the grains with a rolling pin, or pass it in a cutter. After slightly crushed, add the salt to the cream and body for homemade scrub will be ready.

Body scrubs coffee grounds

An ingredient often used for body creams is the coffee down, this is ideal for those who want a cellulite scrub, as well as cleansing. To make this scrub you need to use: coffee grounds, rice oil, cold coffee, brown sugar, ground cinnamon. First take the cinnamon powder and mix it with coffee grounds, then add two tablespoons of rice oil and a tablespoon of cold coffee, finally together the brown sugar cream. In a few minutes you will have a fragrant scrub and perfect to eliminate cellulite.

Body scrubs salt and oil

A fast to implement and easy to use is the salt and oil, these are the two main ingredients of the scrub, only to make it more fragrant, add vanilla extract. To prepare this scrub you’ll just take the salt and put it in a jar, after which add the oil and vanilla extract until the mixture that you can use to remove dead skin and tanning residues.

Scrub with essential oil of rose

A oil good for skin is the rose,as well as being perfumed this is also highly nutritious. To create this scrub with essential oil of rose, you’ll have to add two other ingredients honey and sugar. Take therefore a small bowl, pour two or three tablespoons of apple, add to its tablespoons of essential rose oil, and then mix together with the brown sugar until the  is mixture spreadable and fragrant.