Bottega Verde: brand Cruelty free made in Italy

Bottega Verde is a brand that proposes its products made with several natural components for many years. This company has been active in the field of cosmetics and beauty products since the last 40 years, and has always favored natural ingredients that could enrich makeup, creams and bubble baths.

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For some years the brand has also chosen to become a completely cruel free company, all of the ingredients and components we find within its cosmetics are not tested on animals, therefore adhere to all Cruelty free and set by LAV, The League antivivisection.

In addition to providing completely free Cruelty products for everyone, Bottega Verde has also produced a wide range of cosmetics and beauty products fully dedicated to vegans, this line does not have any animal origin. Thanks to this Italian company, we can use completely free of Cruelty cosmetics, at a competitive price and with excellent results both from the point of view of makeup and body care.

Bottega Verde: the main lines of the brand

Bottega Verde offers countless products for cosmetics and for the care and beauty of the body. Cosmetic products are made in order to satisfy any woman wanting to get a full make up.
To make a makeup from the base we find: foundations, pies, powders, blur and eye contours.

Then of course you can find all eye makeup products: eye shadows, mascara, eyeliner, eyebrow pens, eyebrow pencils, all in different colors to meet all your needs and hair.
Finally, among the cosmetics you can also find: lipsticks, lip gloss, cocoa butter, cream bb etc.

In addition to having a wide choice of cosmetics ideal for all those who like to play and have fun with the makeup, you can also find many other completely cruel free products like:

-Gel douche


-Face and hair masks

-Beauty products

-Body lotion

-Natural supplements

From Bottega Verde you can find all the free Cruelty products you want for yourself and your family.


Bottega Verde: the Vegan line

Risultati immagini per bottega verde

Bottega Verde has a very wide range of vegan products, among which you can find:

  • Foundation with orchid extract and Vitamin E
  • Pure-tonic skin for astringent skin
  • Pure-clay mask
  • Compact Foundation with Vitamin E and Rice Bran Oil
  • Protective hair oil
  • Restructuring mask for Karite butter hair
  • Kajal Pen in Stick with Argan Oil

These are just some of the beauty products dedicated to Bottega Verde for those who want to have the products not only free of Cruelty but also Vegan cosmetics made with products exclusively of vegetable or synthetic origin and not of animal origin.
In these products you will not find any forbidden components such as honey and lanolin.

Bottega Verde‘s products are available in all of its stores, through its catalogs, or can be viewed directly on its official website.