Caviar’s proprieties on the skin and his best products

Caviar is ideal for the care and beauty of the skin? Recently, several cosmetic companies that choose to use this ingredient in their formulations. The reason for such use is expected from all of its properties, which can enhance the beauty of the skin and face.The caviar extract, thanks to their properties can make the skin more beautiful, delicate and light.Let’s find out, what it is and how it works?

What is caviar?

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Caviar is an animal by-product,which can not be used for the formulation of beauty products vegans,but that is used in creams Cruelty Free and exclusively natural products. The fact caviar, are traditionally known to be sturgeon eggs preserved in salt. But the eggs used must not be made of sturgeon, as well as salmon, tuna, and other fish. The cosmetics companies use it and you extract from these beneficial components for skin and beauty of man and woman.

What are the benefits of caviar for your skin?

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Caviar has inside of marine elements such as seaweed and sea salt. All these components are ideal to be able to heal the skin and improve the appearance,as they have amino acids and proteins, which improve its structure. The caviar aminoacids,in fact, can be absorbed by the skin and as they come into the depths of the cellular structure, the skin becomes more radiant, glowing and youthful. But the caviar also has other benefits, this can stimulate all‘inside of the skin, collagen production. Collagen is needed to make the skin more toned, supple and youthful skin. The composition of caviar, hto a cell structure very similar to that of human skin,which is why it can be used as an ingredient of cosmetics.

Finally, the caviar extract is known for its anti-aging properties,these are due to the substances that there are within this product. For example, caviar has a wealth of Omega 3,fatty and then there are also several antioxidants and nutrients that can regenerate the skin cell structure,regenerate and protect it.

Natural products with caviar extract

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to improve the skin condition,there are different products with extracts of caviar in the world of cosmetics. Among these we find the extra soft cream EtreBelle.This presents inside of caviar and gold extracted, both soluble in water and rich positive properties.

With this product you can remove makeup and dirt that lurks on the skin, because of the smog and dust that are in the air. This cream can be applied both in the morning and in the evening, and not only allows to remove the dirt, but also to donate to the greater brightness and elasticity skin.

Another product offered by Etre Belle is the Roll-on Eyes, this allows you to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, and the ability to maintain their younger and more beautiful look,thanks to the properties of caviar and gold.

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