Creams for Strengthening Nails and Hands: Eco-organic recipes and Cruelty free

Hands are an important part of the beauty of women and men.

Having your hands and nails neat and symbol of sophistication but also the care and respect for one’s body and physical appearance. The nails are strong, aesthetically pleasing and cured are indispensable for anyone working in contact with the public, but they are also one of the first details that you notice when you know a person.

The nails can, however, often damaged, broken, be little bright and crack, which is why we must try to treat them in the best possible way. The nails may be damaged for several reasons, for example, nails become brittle when:

  • it spends a lot of time with their hands in hot water and in contact with detergents
  • use of soaps and creams are not suitable to the skin or that contain chemical components
  • low levels of keratin
  • and diet food deficient or wrong

The causes of damaged nails, are often so tied to everyday activities but can adversely affect the health of nails. These have to be reinforced definitely need a natural treatment but can activate the synthesis of keratin. Natural recipes, rich in vitamin B5 and B6 allow the increase of keratin, but also stimulate the synthesis of biotin and cystine.

Other elements that allow you to strengthen your nails and make them more beautiful are those rich in minerals and vitamins such as iron, calcium, vitamin C and B, and protein that can stimulate the strengthening of the nail.

The recipes for preparing reinforcing creams for the nails

Recipes for reinforcing creams for the nails, then provide ingredients that are rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins reinforcing.

The best creams are reinforcing:

Olive oil, soy yogurt and almond milk and lemon: this recipe plans to combine all ingredients in order to obtain a silky cream. The cream is then applied on the nails and should persist at least 20 minutes for better strength the nails.

Castor oil, lemon juice and olive oil: this simple recipe, provides in this case creating a nourishing oil can strengthen nails. The mixture should be applied on the nails with a brush and can also be used every day.

Egg, avocado and olive oil: it seems the omelette recipe you can actually use them to create an ultra nourishing cream and nail strengthener. This should be placed on your hands and then you have to wait about 15 minutes to make the components may penetrate the nail.

Bicarbonate, olive and castor oil: this compound makes it possible to whiten and make the most beautiful nails to see and cleaner. Of course, in addition to having a bleaching function, all ingredients are also able to make strong nails, and in this way does not break easily and tend to remain cleaner for longer.