Cruelty Free and Natural Glazes Nails: What are the best

Many people wonder if there are bio and Cruelty free glazes, the question often arises because the glazes can contain components of animal origin. However, in recent years several companies have found a perfect formulation that can provide to those who want a glaze free of animal components. Enamel is a cosmetic necessary to maintain the most beautiful nails and tidy, you can choose different colors based on how people dress or according to what best represents us.

Of course, nail polish cruelty free and organic ingredients, are normal and there are no formulas to make the semi-permanent or gel. In fact, there are very few normal enamels with these ingredients, so for the moment it is impossible to find commercially professional enamels with cruelty free formulations without chemical components.

Bio and Natural Glazes: the commercial brands

Glazes for organic and natural nails on the market are not many, but what are the best for healthy nails and do not use chemical enamels and harmful components for the nails. Let’s find out what are the chemical-free glazes and produced with respect for human health:

Glazes Provida Organics

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Provida Organics was one of the first brands in the world to create a completely organic and natural enamel without chemical components. The products from enamel Provida Organics have a pleasant odor and dry quickly, they also have a texture covering and offer a shiny and bright coloration. Glazes Provida Organics, are available in 14 shiny some other luminescent colors. The enamel is completely natural and is NCCO certificate.

Nail polish Benecos

Benecos is another brand that has among its products of nail natural nails and without harmful chemicals. Among the harmful chemical elements usually present in the other enamels there are formaldehyde, toluene and phthalates. These components are not present in Benacos enamels, although these primarily formulated with natural ingredients, they do provide a flawless result. The enamel spreads well and is easy to spread, also the drying time is very quick. The Benecos glazes come in countless colors and the price is really very beneficial, in fact, this only costs € 4.50.

Varnishes for Acquarella nail

Acquarella Glazes nails do not contain harmful chemicals, each enamel no: toluene, ketone or petrochemical solvents, no formaldehyde and derivatives, or dibutyl phthalate or polyurethane, parabens or lead coatings, tar and mercury. These enamels do not contain chemical elements and are made with an aqueous base simply mixed with completely non-toxic acrylic emulsion, pigment for this product were used iron oxides.This glaze unlike the others can take a long time to dry, which is why it is recommended to put it before going to sleep. This product also does not contain all-natural ingredients and still better because it made in respect of animal and human health owing to the exclusion of the chemical components.