Cruelty Free LAV Cosmetics

Cruelty free LAV Cosmetics what are they?

Cosmetics against vivisection!

The Cosmetics Cruelty free LAV is a term that recognizes all those companies that adhere to the International Standard that determines the rules for which cosmetic companies can even say Stop Animal Testing. In fact, all cosmetic products sold in Italy are labeled “Stop Animal Testing. Controlled by ICEA for LAV” on their packaging.

All products featuring this indication are made by cruelty free cosmetic homes that are controlled by ICEA, an Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification. ICEA is a company that controls the standard and guarantees the conformity of the Cruelty free LAV makeup and cosmetics.

But what exactly does LAV mean? The LAV symbol stands for the Anti vivisection League, which fights every day for animal rights and of course against their vivisection in every field. All products that are against vivisection have a logo created by the European Coalition against vivisection, which comes with a bunny jumping between two stars.

The Cruelty Free Lav cosmetics help create a world where every single animal has the freedom and dignity to live without the man using it for his experiments.

On these products you will also find the logo created by the European Coalition against vivisection, with the bunny jumping between the two stars.

When LAV is born?

The Cruelty free LAV cosmetics principles

All Cruelty free LAV cosmetics guarantee to anyone who buys that no animal has been vomited or has undergone experiments for the control of ingredients and chemical compounds.

LAV is an organization born in 1997, this practice and promotes cultural change in the relationship with animals. Everyone who marries the philosophy of antivivisation tries to bring about political choices that can change the relationship with all animal breeds, as living beings can experience pain.

All cosmetics created and approved by ICEA and LAV contribute to stopping all kinds of exploitation and suffering with affirmation of rights and the promotion of new laws and their application in order to stop animal testing and vivisection.

LAV is an organization present in Italy that works and manages several local offices, which are a reference point for all members and volunteers who adhere to the League’s policy.

On the main site of LAV, you can also see all Italian cosmetics and companies that have adhered to the ICEA and Lav. In addition, you can also know all lines of cosmetics that have applied for entry and are waiting to be recognized as Cruelty free companies.

For all those who want a world that can be free from cruelty and animal experimentation and animation, choose Cruelty free LAV Cosmetics. It will increase the chance of counting more manufaturer in the future that doesn’t test their cosmetics on animals.