Cruelty Free Make Up: What are the Brands that sell them in Italy

The words Cruelty free is used to identify all those products that do not use ingredients of animal origin. To be sure that the cosmetic product you buy does not test animals, you must check that they have the ICEA certification in collaboration with LAV, the Anti-Vivisation League.
There are several companies that among their lines also offer Cruelty free Make-Up.

But how do you know which companies are fit to this Standard? First of all, we need to check that there is a trademark on the product and above all that it has adhered to the Standard through the associations that carry out the appropriate product controls.

List of companies and brands of cruelty-free where to find it

Many make-up companies do not test the finished product and do not fully control the whole ingredient and component testing process. For this reason many cosmetics can not be considered Cruelty Free.
Those who produce Cruelty free cosmetics must check that all components that make the finished product have not been tested on animals. To do this is to be sure to get a product without animal testing, it’s enough for the company to choose products that have already been tested before and so do not need to experiment on animals, thus avoiding vivisection and further testing.
To be sure to buy a Cruelty free product you need to prefer the companies that are certified by ICEA and therefore have decided to undergo external controls as well as provide a simple self-certification.
The list of companies that produce Cruelty free cosmetics is updated periodically to allow the customer to always list all cosmetics that do not include animal testing.
The list of Cruelty free cosmetic products can be checked directly at the INCI site, or you can check the non-tested animal imaging companies, even on the official site of the Anti-vivisection League.

Some Italian companies that produce Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Among the companies that produce Cruelty free make-up are also numerous Italian companies, who have chosen not to use more ingredients and components that should be tested on animals.
Between the most famous companies that have also obtained the ICEA certification, we find Bottega Verde products, which can be purchased from their catalogs, in official stores or directly on their website. Another well known company that chose to follow this policy is the COOP, which also obtained the ICEA certification, its products can be found in all COOP brand supermarkets.
A company that produces cruelty free cosmetics and other certified beauty products is The Erbolario, also the products of this company can be found directly in official stores, herbalists and their official website. These are just some of the companies that offer Cruelty free make-up that can be easily purchased at their stores that are present in all of Italy or on their websites that can deliver these products directly to your address.