Dehydrated skin: how to repair dryness of the face

Dehydrated, rough, dry and cracked skin is caused by a lack of water. When there are not enough liquids in the body or the skin is not sufficiently hydrated there is a risk of obvious cracks, especially on the lips, close to the nostrils, and in the frontal area. Not only does the external environment cause excessive drying of the skin, but the problem occurs mainly in the city, due to the attacks of smog and all the residues that hover in the air.

Having dry, taut, rough or cracked skin makes the face dark and dull, wrinkles are more marked, but also dark circles or bags under the eyes. Poor sebum production in the skin can also be caused by the use of aggressive make-up products. Particular attention must be paid to the foundation, if it is too aggressive the skin does not breathe and then dries up, until it becomes increasingly dull.

What are the symptoms of dehydrated skin?

When the skin is too dehydrated, note that it becomes rough, but also tight and dry. If the skin is not hydrated in time, it becomes even drier and starts to crack or show signs of peeling. Often the skin dries from itching, and could affect not only the face but also other parts of the body such as elbows, knees and hands. But how can we intervene and limit the problems of dehydration of the face?

Correct cleansing

To eliminate the problems of skin dehydration the first thing you have to do and clean it properly in the morning and evening. In order not to eliminate the lipids that appear on the surface skin, it is necessary to use products capable of nourishing it without ruining it. For example, you can choose to use Etré Belle’s Hyaluronic Acid facial cleaner.

Do not scrub

When the skin is dehydrated, you should absolutely avoid scrubbing it. The scrub is too aggressive and risks eliminating even that small portion of lipids that still exist on the skin of the face. Therefore, it avoids intensive scrubs or peeling treatments until the skin is healthy again.

Put on a cream before you leave home

To protect the skin from all external agents and from air smog, it is necessary to use a highly nourishing cream that improves both the hydration of the skin and the protective film that allows external agents not to dehydrate and ruin it. To improve your skin’s condition, you can choose to use the multi-purpose Flora facial cream enriched with aloe vera.

Make a mask a week

Finally, to rebalance the skin condition of your face you can choose to take a nourishing mask at least once a week. Always choose a natural mask that has a positive effect on your skin and helps to eliminate excessive dryness and dehydration. The mask is the best way to rebalance the skin’s condition, improve its hydration and at the same time its radiance. We recommend 7th Heaven’s Aloe Vera facial mask.