Eco-Bio Cosmetics and Cruelty Free Differences

Nowadays, there is more and more talk of both Cruelty free cosmetics and eco-cosmetics, but these two terms do not refer to products that have the same composition. There are, in fact, differences between Eco-Bio cosmetics and those that Instead they are called Cruelty free.

What are Eco-Bio Cosmetics?

Eco-Bio cosmetics are all those beauty and body care products that do not contain ingredients that can be harmful or harmful to the environment and the eco-system.

All Biological products therefore comply with the principles of organic agriculture, so they use natural ingredients grown without pesticides and with all the modern agrotechnics that allow the natural growth of all the ingredients that are then used within the cosmetic product.

In addition to checking that all components are organic farming, those who produce eco-organic cosmetics also take great care that they do not contain any ingredients that harm the environment. In addition, techniques that are not harmful to the eco-system are used for their preparation.

Lastly, cosmetic parcels should be as much as possible with products that are bio-degradable and easy to dispose. For the certification of these products, you must contact the ICEA Institute for Ethical and Environmental Certification.


The differences between eco-bio and Cruelty free

Cruelty free products, unlike the eco-bio products, can also use ingredients that are not of biological origin, as well as incorporating synthetic ingredients and industrial products into their cosmetics, provided that they are not tested on animals. In some cases, several companies that produce Cruelty free cosmetics also have several polluting ingredients inside them, in fact they do not have compulsory ICEA certification instead in the case of eco-cosmetics.

Cruelty free products to be considered as such must have different certifications such as the one released by the LAV the anti-vivisection alloy and international Leaping Bunny certification. These two are not always present on Eco-Bio Cosmetics. In addition, Eco-bio cosmetics even if they proclaim their attention to the environment and the ecological sustainability of their products may contain animal tested components unless otherwise reported on the product packaging.

Eco-Bio or Cruelty free? Which one to choose?

Making a choice between Eco-Bio products and Cruelty free products can be very difficult especially because one defends the problems of the environment while the other defends animal rights. So the most logical thing is that you have to choose ecological products if you want to assert environmental rights and lower pollution levels, and if you love animals you should absolutely choose Cruelty free cosmetics. Do you love both the environment and the animals?

Do not worry because there are also several companies that create both Eco-bio and Cruelty free products. By choosing to buy products with both certifications, it is possible to preserve both the environment and animal health, thus avoiding an internal conflict due to the choice between one product and another.