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The top of the professional cruelty free cosmetics

For several decades now we hear of cruelty free cosmetics. These are solutions that have conquered consumers in the wake of increased sensitivity to the environment and animal welfare.

This has led to a major segmentation of the market, which has come to fruition with the emergence of attractive brands such as Etre Belle Cosmetics, a German company founded in the 1980s by Harry Emich and currently still in direct management.

Etre Belle Cosmetics products meet the certification criteria of the brand NATRUE, a nonprofit international association for years engaged in the dissemination of values of natural cosmetics in Europe.

Among the certified companies there are groups that are more than 100 years old, but also younger realities, like Etre Belle Cosmetics, which stand out for its dynamic and continuous quality care.

Take a look at the product offering

Originally conceived as a product brand for professionals, it also opened up to the consumer market, without ever putting the quality behind. Belle Cosmetics, in fact, is a company that has always distinguished itself for its focus on research and innovation.

The portfolio of products, including both make up and high-grade anti-age cosmetics, is a great testimony to this. The available lines include targeted formulations, based on lucrative principles such as hyaluronic acid and stem cells.

The first is a very powerful moisturizer, while the latter are able to curb the aging of the epidermis and reactivate the ordinary cell turnover.

You can also buy practical multi-product kits, which contain, for example, anti-age sera and vitamins A, E and C (high-efficacy anti oxidant solutions).

Featuring an attractive, refined exterior packaging, Etre Belle Cosmetics products are distributed internationally. For Italy, the reference point is BBM Esthetique.

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