Eye makeup: the best colors for summer 2018!

Each season has its own colors, but the colors of the makeup not only change according to the season but also by years. The color of the makeup so it’s very important, especially if you want to follow trends and even seasonality. So what are the best colors for summer 2018? Let’s find out how to get a natural and fresh look.

Eye Shadow: the colors for summer 2018

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One of the most important details for the 2018 Summer provides, first of all, a good match with the complexion and then with the eye color. But what are the best colors for the summer season? Surely for this summer are: blue, pink, apricot, pink ideal for those with brown eyes. Instead, for those who have green eyes, it is better to opt for blue, sand and pink. While for those with blue eyes, are ideal purple, blue, light blue and pastel shades.

To make it even cooler and trendy your makeup, remember to combine it with a nice lipstick, it’s not too heavy but more and pearly pastel shades.

We make up for the eyes you’ll want the Mono Mat vegan eyeshadows Etre Belle, and the eyeshadow Hypnotic Eyes Vegan always proposed by Etre Belle.

Nude Make up for Summer 2018?

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The nude makeup for summer 2018 is definitely a good idea. If you remember we have already talked about how to make a perfect nude makeup for summer.

In fact, this is one of make-up the most popular and also present on the major catwalks! The nude makeup is simple enough to make and even a few makeup products to achieve, such as the illuminating concealer for under-eye bags and dark circles, eyeshadows have to be in shades of beige, white, gold and sand.

Finally, you can match the nude makeup to lighting and pink blush by the warm notes you make the young and fresh face for the summer season.

Makeup lips, what are the best colors?

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Finally, you will surely be curious to find out what are the best colors to make up the lips during the summer season. The summer makeup to the lips provides brightly colored pencils and lipsticks, these can be either matt or gloss.

As for the shadows, lipsticks also it is better to choose them in pastel shades. This way you can make your very sober look and summer.

But what are the best according to your hair color? For blondes, it is better to opt for bright colors like fuchsia and orange-red, or violet and other electrical and fluorescent colors. For brunettes, it is better to opt for rosy lipstick and blush shades, warm but at the same time clear, if you dare you can instead choose the coral or bright purple!

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