Flora Bio

Products for wellness and beauty cruelty free

Flora Bio is a company that since 1989 produces products for the well-being and beauty of the body, with natural and healthy ingredients, all of its lines from aromatherapy to balsam, creams and bath-foam for the body, Are carried out in accordance with the ethical guidelines that propose respect for the environment and animals.

The products of the Flora Bio line are all organic and biodynamic, this business choice is one of the main aspects of the whole production line, so the company also seeks to promote the development of new agronomic techniques that are then controlled from companies such as Codex and Demeter.

In addition to special attention to the environment and new organic farming systems, all products made by Flora Bio do not contain pesticides or chemicals. This choice of respect for the environmental situation led the brand to choose not to use any tested animal ingredients, in fact this allowed Flora Bio to receive the Leaping Bunny certification and has thus entered the list of cosmetic and wellness lines Cruelty Free.

Also, not to use any tested animal components, the company has also chosen not to use any synthetic substance that could have adverse effects on humans and the environment, thus also eliminating the use of synthetic fragrances that are often the cause of Allergy and migraines.

Flora Bio’s body care and beauty products

Flora Bio includes various product lines including those dedicated to aroma therapy, organic fragrances, herbal products, facial beauty productsIn the lines for the care and beauty of the body, instead, there are several products that in addition to being biological are completely Cruelty free.

In the line for the care and beauty of the body we find:

Vegetable Oils: These are softening substances that with their action can regulate the skin’s skin regimen to maintain healthy, smooth and soft epidermis. These oils can be used both for massages and simply for the beauty of the body.

Almond Oil: Sweet Almond Oil is perfect for the care of everyone’s skin from infants to the elderly, and is also very much used by pregnant women or those who have just given birth. 100% pure almond oil is obtained in cold, so it is possible to maintain high percentages of unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats of almond and its vitamins and mineral salts that renew the cellular layer of tissues.

Karite Body Care: Karite’s butter is great for body care and beauty, so the company produces three different creams that are ideal for the body. Karite’s fluid cream is a beauty cream that prevents skin aging and restores the natural features of the epidermis. The cream legs and feet Karite protects, tones and refreshes the body and legs. Finally, Karite’s hands cream can prevent skin aging and epidermal functions.