Glazes cruelty free: best sale online

Among the products that not always easy to find completely free Cruelty the glazes, these usually are we are based on chemical composition and the use of artificial colors in some cases may have been tested on animals. But, thanks to an ever-increasing awareness campaign by Cruelty free and activists of the LAV, today you can find on the market many brands cosmetic ingredients not tested and purchased online.

Trademarks of Cruelty free enamels : to buy directly online

Today we want to advise you which are the best Cruelty free glazes:   

Lepo Glazes

Risultati immagini per lepo cosmetici

Glazes made byLepo,as well as being fully realized without components tested on animals, in them also of and strengthening natural ingredients like seaweed. These have a positive effect  and making them more healthy nails. The Lepo enamels are available in many colors and are available online at the price of 8.20 euro.

Enamels Yves Rocher

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The colored glazes made by Yves Rocher are brilliant and are available in many colors and of different types. In fact, there are various enamels such as the one with hardener effect,the gel effect enamel top coat and gloss effect. All of these glazes are completely cruelty free, and within them also have some natural ingredients. The Yves Rocher glazes can be requested online, but then you will be delivered directly from the local representative who will rush at the invitation of the company at home. The price of the Yves Rocher enamel starts from 3.95 euro.

Zoya Nail

Enamels made by Zoya and sold directly from its official website, are not only free Cruelty fact these also possess a composition. fully Vegan. The glazes of this American brand with contain formaldehyde that could irritate the mucous membranes of the eyes when you apply the glaze.The Zoya enamels are available in various colors and can last several days when applied. The Zoya nail cost between € 7.50 and up.

Faby Nails

Another brand that makes enamel that besides being free Cruelty are exclusively also vegan ingredients is compounds:Faby Nails. The glazes of this cruelty free Vegan brand and are really many and perfect to be used on any occasion. The enamels Faby Nails Nature,are made only with ingredients BIO certified and of vegetable origin,obtained from the processing of the sleeve, maize, cotton and wood pulp. Within these glazes are no ingredients that come from oil or aggressive,toxic or irritating.Glazes Faby Nails are not for sale on their official website, but you can find on different marketplaces like Amazon and Ebay.


A brand of professional nail with ingredients Cruelty Free and Vegan Intensae,these glazes have a seal and a texture durable and come in many colors. The Intansae enamels do not contain formaldehyde, camphor, toulene, parabens, or animal ingredients. The price of Intansae enamels on their official website, starts from 16,00 EUR up.