Gyada Cosmetics: Italian brand cruelty free and vegan

Gyada Cosmetics is an Italian brand that offers various hair products, for their modeling, for volumizzarli or feed them. Natural proposed by Gyada cosmetics are all completely vegan, cruelty free and tested for nickel, and of course Made in Italy.

Gyada Cosmetics is an Italian cosmetics line that chooses for its products only quality ingredients and quality raw materials. Also, this includes organic plant extracts, vegetable oils and bio butters always biologically derived.

Within the products Gyada Cosmetics are not present: BHA, BHT, EDTA; PEG, parabens, EDTA, petrolatum, SLS, SLES, or silicones.

Being cruelty free and vegan, each contains no animal ingredients and are not carried out tests on animals, the components contained within the cosmetic.

What are the main Gyada Cosmetics product

Gyada Cosmetics it is a product that offers a complete line for the hair. Among these they are:

Balsams Anticrespo and volumizing

Modeling shampoo for curly, ultra-mild, volumizing, anti-frizz, Purifying.

In addition to a wide selection of conditioner and shampoo for hair, Cosmetic Gyada also offers other cosmetics, also for the care and beauty of hair:

The volumizing spray: it makes the most beautiful hair and bulky and easy to work with.

Nourishing Hair Mask: This completely vegan and eco-bio can make hair soft, nourished and shiny.

Remodeling Cream for curly: those who have curly and wavy hair, they need a special cream. That proposed by Gyada Cosmetics, being completely natural, it keeps hair soft and light hair, without weighing it down with chemical ingredients.

Mousse for hair: this allows you to increase the volume and smooth hair, wavy and curly. Just apply it when they are wet, and then be dried with a hair dryer.

Liquid crystals: these give sparkle and shine to your hair and help you shape your tips.

All products offered by Gyada Cosmetics are therefore ideal both for those who have curly hair, wavy or straight. In addition, the hair, being very sensitive, can remain stronger and more beautiful to the eye, thanks to the action of natural ingredients selected by the company.

Gyada Cosmetics: the eco-sustainable Packaging

Gyada Cosmetics provides an extremely eco-friendly packaging, perfect for products that contain only ingredients cruelty free and vegan. Gyada Cosmetics seeks to achieve any cosmetic with the most attention, not only in its content but also its packaging. Each package makes the product as a precious gem for lovers of beauty, nature and well-being.

The packaging of products Gyada provides a natural formulation, a unique design, a sleek and stylish casing that can enhance the charm, the beauty and the quality of the product. The packaging allows you to have at home a beautiful product to see and healthy to use. Finally, the prices offered by the company are very affordable. The shampoos, conditioner, masks and liquid crystal costing all between eight and fifteen euro.