How to cool down your legs with massages and Vegan products

Especially during the summer season, your legs get tired and you always feel a hint of heaviness in your muscles and in some cases even bone. When the legs are too tired, blood circulation is also likely to be compromised. To restore a sense of serenity to the legs and eliminate the sense of tiredness and heaviness you can choose to do massages with a relaxing product for the legs.

For example, you could use vegan and cream Atelier Naturae’s organic culture. This cream is made with a mix of natural extracts such as horse chestnut and red vine.

Let’s see now what are the best massages to relax your legs!

Risultati immagini per legs massage

Massages to de fatigue your legs

To relax your legs, you can massage that improves blood circulation and allow you to get a feeling of well-being.

The first massage involves putting your hands on the side of the calves, after which you proceed with a gentle pressure up to the thigh. You can combine this massage with the application of the cream. You must perform this movement at least three times per leg.

This massage is very useful because it allows you to move the liquids that accumulate in the lower area of the legs and at the same time manages to convey the blood flow to the lymphatic vessels, thus removing stagnation. During the massage, starting from the calves up to the thighs, you can also exert different pressures, in this way you will get a feeling of relief and you will improve the blood circulation.

Another massage involves making small circulatory movements while applying the anti-fatigue cream. In this case, with two fingers, make small circular movements starting from the outside of the calf until reaching the thigh.

After focusing on the external area, you must do the same by passing from the inside of the calf until you reach the inner thigh.

In this way can be the accumulations of liquids eliminated created around the knee and the lymphatic and blood circulation can also be reactivated.

Finally, you can finish massaging by focusing on the knee and the inner thigh. In this case, with the fingers of your hands, stroke with different pressures the inner area of the knee until you reach the inner thigh. By repeating this action twice you will be able to get the right balance of fluids in your legs and you will immediately feel a sensation of lightness and relief.

How to cool down the legs: alternate temperatures

Risultati immagini per legs massage

In addition to massages and the application of the vegan cream, you can also choose to proceed with the cooldown of the legs with the system of alternating temperatures. This system provides that while you take a shower with the dispenser, first move the hot water starting from the calf until you reach the thigh. After that, you have to do the same but with cold water. Finally, apply the anti-fatigue cream and provide for massage. These actions together willyou give light and restful legs.