How to get a cat-eye makeup with cosmetic vegan and cruelty free

The cat’s eyes make-up it is one of the most in vogue at the time. This makeup is especially ideal for a night out and to bring out the most of their own eyes. But you can get your cat-eye makeup with cosmetic Vegan and Cruelty free? Sure! Just choose the right products to be able to get a cat-eye makeup to avoid cosmetics that contain or are tested on animals.

The trick cat eyes essentially provides that it creates a queue with the eyeliner in the outer eye area that can stretch it and make it more enticing. Here’s our tutorial in order to create a perfect cat makeup!

Cat-eye makeup: choose the right eye shadow

Risultati immagini per make up gatta occhi

Before choosing the right eyeliner you must opt for the right eye shadow to make the lid ready for eye makeup as the perfect cat. To prevent the eyeliner gives a too heavy makeup effect must necessarily avoid using dark eye shadow. The dark eye shadows in fact negate the effect black eyeliner also tends to make smaller eyes instead of making them bigger and brighter. In fact, if you want to apply the eyeliner with a long tail it is better to opt for the light eyeshadows.

For example we recommend the illuminating Glow Compact, an illuminating vegan which can be applied both on the eyes both cheeks. This product is ideal to make the luminous eyelid is suitable for the application next of eyeliner.

How to apply eyeliner to get a trick cat’s eyes

Risultati immagini per make up gatta occhi

to have a perfect cat eye makeup you need to choose the right eyeliner and follow our step by step tutorial. The perfect eyeliner for this trick is in pen, which allows you to draw a clear line flicker especially for those who have no experience with the makeup brush for eyeliner. To create a cat’s eye effect you’ll want the eyeliner Matic Etre Belle Vegan.

That’s all the advice now to put the eyeliner is to get a perfect queue:

Risultati immagini per make up cat eyes

1-The first thing to do is locate the wing creation. So grab a brush and parts from the side of the nose and make it coincide with the end of the eyebrow. Having identified the exact spot on both sides draws a dot with the eyeliner to be able to get the queue at the same height on both eyes.

2-After scoring the right spot with a dot you must outline the tail. Now you have to draw a line starting from the middle of the eyelid and then connect it to perfection. But now it pulls the second line from the outer eye area until the dot and let all coincide.

3-Now that you’re able to create the wing, always with the eyeliner you have to fill and black coloring.

4-After colored full use of the black wing, to finish the best work you have to create a fine line that covers the eye and that the outlines of the whole.

Finally, to finish the job and give even more intensity to the look you have to put a volumizing mascara on upper and lower lashes.

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