How to Make Eyes Bigger with Makeup and Vegan and Cruelty Free products Recommended!

Many women who are wondering how to make eyes bigger with makeup. All girls try to bring up their biggest and sensual eyes. Let’s see all the vegan products to use to make the large and magnetic eyes.

1-A clear eye pencil

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To be able to make eyes bigger and you need to use a light pencil to be put inside the eye. By using a light pencil, you can make it look bigger, in fact dark pencils on the contrary tend to make the most deep-set eyes. The Pencil long-lasting cruelty free and natural, proposed by Elo is ideal to make the deepest gaze. Pencil This is in fact available in bright colors such as silver, pink and peach.


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While if you apply within the eye a light color, a way to make the biggest and magnetic eyes, provides for a darker eye shadow under the eye, just below the lower lashes. In this case it is recommended or the use of a matte eye shadow, like the eyeshadow Mono Matt vegan smoky, expressed or graphite. If you prefer the pencil you can opt for black or brown pencil Etre.

3-Un’eyeliner subtle and defined

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To make big eyes are not enough eye shadow and a light pencil to be placed inside the eye. In order to make your makeup perfect and get the large and sensual eyes must also opt for a thin eyeliner. The eyeliner should serve to emphasize the eye, thus following his natural line you can really make your own magnetic makeup. The être belle eyeliner is perfect for a perfect finish to be able to make your makeup perfect.


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A super volumizing mascara is the best way to make really big eyes. The application of mascara is a procedure that may sound simple but actually requires a bit ‘of practice to be applied to the fullest. First of all it is recommended to use a fold lashes to give a more rounded shape and at the same time more substantial. After using the eyelash curler, you can start using the mascara, first applied the product on all the lashes from the base. After the first application, carried out the second to be able to make more defined upper lashes and long. Finally, use the mascara on the eyelashes bottom and side to define the look and give it greater three-dimensionality. We recommend mascara X-treme ultra durable waterproof lash sensation.

5-Eyeshadow top

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Finally, the eye shadow that used in the upper part of the eye may be relevant in providing a broad vision. First, choose a light eye shadow for the base and for the eye area near the nose. Finally, if you choose to apply a dark eyeshadow be very careful to be accurate and does not contaminate the rest of the eyelid. Generally light colors matt or bright are the best to make it look wider.

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