How To Protect Children Skin During The Summer

Children during the summer sweat a lot, when they come out to play, when you take them to the beach or the mountains on vacation or trip, their skin because of sweat tends to become irritated. If you have young children or who still carry the diaper, you know how difficult it can be to keep their skin hydrated and free from redness and rashes caused by sweat.

The child’s skin should be cared for and protected because when you are not careful could cry and suffer problems caused by irritated skin and sweat. So how to protect their skin, without using products that contain chemicals and parabens? Let’s find out all the remedies and precautions to be taken to make the skin healthy and protected the child.

How to protect your baby’s skin: precautions

Risultati immagini per pelle bambino

One of the first things to do to make your baby’s skin protected from the problems dictated by sweat is choosing the right clothing. The summer clothes for the little must be cotton even better if you choose a natural cotton or linen clothes. You do not have instead dress the baby in clothing made of polyester and must also avoid the meshes or pants in acrylic. Also, choose colors that are not attracted by the sun as the yellow, orange, red, green, etc… Avoid instead of using and white black. In addition, to protect the skin of the baby, even during the summer always Let them put a light cotton tank top, so you can absorb sweat and prevent skin rashes and redness.

As with adults, even for children is very important hydration, however, prevented him from drinking too much tea or fruit juices rich in sugars, but rather give it natural water. This way, it will sweat less and keep more hydrated.

To protect the baby’s skin and prevent the sweat irritates him, you can also put a little of talc on the skin, so it will be fragrant and free from the problems given by an excessive sweating.

Protect your baby’s skin: the ideal products

Risultati immagini per pelle bambino

Finally, to protect the skin of the child, in addition to taking the necessary precautions, you also have to provide the use of creams and bath foam that take care skin without using products that contain animal components.

We recommend products in the Ciri Biri Coccole of Atelier Naturae. The soothing paste produced by this brand comes with panthenol, zinc oxide, almond oil, shea butter and calendula extracts. This cream allows you to create a protective barrier against the problems created by the diaper but also soothes redness caused by sweat during the summer.

In addition to the protective paste, you can be used perfectly natural cream to make your skin moisturized child after each bath. Once the cream is absorbed will eventually complete the small scented skin, in this way will sweat less and there will be less likely to irritate the skin.

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