How to take care of sensitive skin

Having skin is a problem both during winter and summer. During the summer the sweat and the sun bring the skin sensitive to excoriation, irritations and redness manifest. To avoid these problems it is advisable to take care of your skin daily, in this way it is possible to eliminate irritations, redness and burning sensations, which sometimes also occur because of an excess of free radicals.

Creams and products for sensitive skin: how to protect it

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Most people who suffer from sensitive skin use products that are not suitable and that instead of protecting it, make it even more exposed to redness and irritation.

The first thing you need to do to protect your skin is to choose products such as creams and bubble baths that do not contain chemical compounds and highly harmful to the epidermis. The chemical compounds that are often used in skin products, increase the production of free radicals and make the epidermis more prone to irritation.

To solve this problem it is advisable to use natural products as much as possible without chemical or synthetic ingredients. For example, cruelty free and vegan products have ingredients that adapt well to sensitive skin.

A body cream ideal for sensitive skin is the Neutral Body Cream with Aloe Vera produced by Flora.

The right makeup for sensitive skin

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In addition to the skin of the body, it is also necessary to take care of the skin on the face. Often those with a very sensitive epidermis are intolerant to some chemicals that can attack the skin. The makeup can often attack the skin, for this reason, it is advisable to opt for a natural, cruelty free, bio and vegan make up.

All these cosmetic lines adapt well to sensitive skin because their ingredients are mostly natural and therefore they can better respect the right balance of the epidermis. There are several cosmetic lines that have these characteristics such as Etrè belle.

Sensitive skin: what to choose waxing or razor?

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Finally, when you have sensitive skin, especially during the summer, you try to figure out how to perform hair removal by choosing between the wax or the razor. To be able to shave with sensitive skin is not recommended to avoid hot waxing or cold, especially if you also have problems with varicose veins, which may increase with waxing. So if you have very sensitive skin, it is advisable to wax the sugar that is able to not ruin the epidermis, as it removes only the hairs and dead cells. If you can not wax sugar then it is better to choose to use a razor that can remove excess hair. In any case, when waxing or using the razor, it is advisable to use an emollient cream after depilation as the body cream with Shea Butter, of Flora.

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