How to Treat Your Swollen Feet in Summer: Natural Products for their care

When summer comes one of the worst problems that can happen are swollen feet. Have swollen feet not only does not allow us to comfortably wear shoes, but from a feeling of general discomfort, which is why you should have more foot care during the summer.

What are the causes of swollen feet in the summer?


There are several people during the holiday season and with the arrival of the warm start to suffer because of feet the and hands swell. This annoying disorder, often leads us not to be able to wear heels and dress shoes throughout the season but not only. When the feet swell often happens that the skin chap and spoil more quickly, which is why it would be better to take care of these and avoid splits and other skin problems.One of the main causes of swollen feet during the summer season is due to the heat, this leads to a slowing of the circulation and lowers blood pressure, and thus leads to water retention and to an accumulation of fluid in the feet.

Often there are other causes that lead feet to swell, such as when you spend too much time sitting. Especially for those who work in the office or to the PC, in the summer it could be very difficult to bear, because his feet and legs tend to swell more and more. Finally, another cause of excessive fluid retention and swelling of the feet is due to poor diet. By the time, we eat very salted, drink little water, do not eat enough fruits and vegetables, feet tend to swell and damage.

How to treat your feet during the summer season

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to prevent and relieve the swelling of the feet during the summer season there are a few good habits to enhance circulation and thereby improve the condition of the skin of the feet. To improve circulation is recommended first of all to do some ‘of physical activity, to eliminate the problems of water retention by drinking herbal tea pineapple, ginger, burdock, birch, and burdock.

To keep skin healthy and soft skin and deflates you can make a draining massage and a foot bath that will allow you to make your feet less swollen and healthier.

To do a proper foot bath during the summer you:

  • Take a bowl with cold water and ice, and then put into the baking soda and salt.
  • Poni feet inside the bowl and let sit salt and baking soda for a half hour
  • now go outwalk from the tray and dry them well

to rehydrate the skin and smooth movement using a moisturizer for the feet or vegan cruelty-free. For example, you can choose the foot cream of OLEA, the cream for the feet of Argan Oil, and other creams specifically designed for the well being of the skin of your feet.

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