ILIA Beauty

The innovative line that respects animals and the environment

ILIA Beauty is a brand that is born in Vancouver, thanks to an innovative idea by Sasha Pavslic. Sasha, comes from a family that has always been very involved in the search for biological and natural solutions, starting it from until arriving precisely, to the beauty industry.

Before Sasha created ILIA Beauty, her mother realized a line of organic foods and homeopathic care that could treat her son terribly suffering from acute asthma and allergies.

Surely this was an example that deepened Sasha’s life, which initially after studying design and photography and after working for several international companies, decided to first create a local aromatherapy center and then a line cosmetics: ILIA Beauty.

The line in a few years has turned out to be a real niche product, dedicated mainly to the care and beauty of women’s lips, in just two years it has conquered the shops of 15 countries all over the world.

For Sasha Pavslic, skin is one of the most important organs, because it can absorb anything that comes into contact with it. For this reason, for the creation of its line, Sasha has chosen to approach the cosmetics with an ethically-sustainable attitude and with certified botanical ingredients to nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

ILIA Beauty is the choice to create Cruelty Free products

Prior to launching the six lipsticks and lip balms of ILIA Beauty, her founder, she decided to personally check the ingredients used to make lipsticks. Her curiosity led her to discover that many of the ingredients usually used for cosmetic composition were not only harmful to the skin and the environment, but were also tested on animals.

This discovery led him to immediately conclude an agreement for the creation of lipsticks that had only components that were not or would not be tested on animals. All the line ILIA Beauty has the Leaping Bunny certificate. Thanks to the release of this certificate we can be sure that every product and ingredient that make up the line of cosmetics ILIA Beauty is not tested on animals. If you want to know what cruelty free cosmetics are, I’ve talked about it here.

In addition to looking for natural and unmanaged animal components, Sasha has also wanted to create elegant packaging made from recycled aluminum to lower the impact on the environment.

ILIA Beauty products

ILIA Beauty, even though it started its production with a simple line of lipsticks and lip balm, today, in addition to lips products, also covers a full line of cosmetics throughout the face.

We find, in fact, different foundations, enlightening and toning.

Cosmetics for makeup of the eyes like eye shadows, pencils and eyeliner, and finally a line of brushes for applying makeup.

Finally, each product made by ILIA Beauty contains bioactive organic ingredients up to 85% respecting the environment and naturalness.