Lavera Natural Cosmetics: Vegan Makeup Line

Lavera Natural Cosmetics is a German company that creates and beauty products that can be used by anyone who wishes. With a choice of natural and vegan ingredients, any woman or man who is vegan or not it will be able to use these products to improve their well-being and of course to make themselves more beautiful.

The choice to use only natural products not derived exclusively from giving an answer to a market that chooses and always looking for more natural products and not tested on animals, but it is also a way to nourish and protect the skin from chemicals.

The chemicals found in cosmetics can damage epithelial cells and increase the number of free radicals that strike the skin, making it more old and deficient in vitamins, minerals and collagen. Lavera Naturkosmetik, then he has chosen not to use chemicals and substances harmful to the skin, pointing to the fact naturalness, allows anyone who wishes to create a unique makeup and take care of your body without having to worry about any negative effect over time. Instead of using natural and vegan products you can nourish the skin and make it more beautiful and bright.

The ingredients of the products Lavera Naturkosmetik

Risultati immagini per lavera kosmetik

As we just mentioned Lavera uses only natural ingredients. Besides being natural, these are also eco-bio, in fact originate mostly from controlled biological cultivation, where the organic ingredients are synonymous with biodiversity. Inside its laboratories the Lavera researchers use about 300 organic ingredients, and well over 300 natural active ingredients.

The development of cosmetics, also is done by a constant search for products and benefits and natural ingredients, so that they can then distribute worldwide. The quality standard to which they rise these products is definitely very high.

Why BIO ingredients and Vegan?

Many wonder why some companies become detached from the normal world of cosmetics, in reality this choice makes it possible to preserve the environment, prevent pollution, to prevent exploitation and tests on animals. Not only that, even the skin it should be the results of cosmetic Bio and vegans, because with themis constantly nourished and protected also from external chemical agents, as well as those of traditional products. Lavera is also so focused on the goal of creating beauty products to make nice even the world in which we live, which has already chosen to collaborate from time only with business partners who share with you these ethical principles.

What are the Lavera products on the market? Lavera has in its catalog different beauty products from those dedicated to the Make Up as: lipsticks, eye pencils, foundation, nail treatment and colors for the eyes, to those instead dedicated to the welfare of the body such as face creams , body, tonics masks, oral hygiene, deodorants and even wellness products for humans.

The products Lavera Naturkosmetick can thus meet all beauty needs of man and woman.