Mask Activated Carbon: features and benefits

The active or charcoal is a completely natural resource, lately this is widely used not only to improve digestion. In fact, there are ultimately marketed the specific face masks made from charcoal that make the skin more beautiful, young and free from points blacks and other blemishes.

How do you get the activated carbon plant?

The charcoal, also called active, is a natural substance that is obtained from the combustion of the timber. The wood processing waste, when brought to high temperatures, in the absence of fire, they come to a phase called calcination. Instead, in the oxygen-poor environments you get the coalification, which just serves to obtain charcoal. In the moment, the coal has been burned, this is subjected to a second combustion, which, however, is carried out in the presence of air, gas or water vapor in this way it is possible to activate the charcoal components. The woods used for the creation of charcoal are birch, pine, willow and poplar. When coal is subjected to this procedure allows the activation of coals. In this way you get a compound of carbon with high porosity, then able to be used for the creation of masks or specific dietary supplements.

What are the benefits of a mask with charcoal?

The charcoal can have several benefits in contact with the dermis. This is recommended for face masks and for the treatment of impure skin, oily and mixed. One of the main advantages of the mask to the coal plant is its ability to not dry out the skin. In fact, other components such as clay, are not suitable for dry skin, instead of the activated carbon can also be used on the less hydrated skins. The mask to charcoal, can have several benefits, you can use:

  • during the change of seasons
  • once a week to remove facial blemishes
  • for a more beautiful and glowing skin
  • to cleanse your face

Cleansers or carbon masks active are able to clean and degrease the skin, freeing it from the substances that accumulate over time and that give origin to several problems such as acne and points blacks. The charcoal, in fact, allows to remove excess sebum and ensures a proper exfoliation of the skin. Finally, the charcoal also has a disinfecting effect that eliminates the bacteria that lurk in the facial skin, because of smog or poor diet.

Masks to charcoal: what are the best?

The masks activated carbon on the market are various. We recommend the masks to the activated carbon and the strips to coal, designed and made with organic products and completely natural. These masks do not present within them, or harmful chemical agents for the skin, but are ideal to cure it, make it more beautiful, bright and clear sebum and bacteria that can cause damage.

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