Melvita: eco-bio and fair trade products

The eco-solid and eco-organic beauty products we want to present to you today are those proposed by a French company with ancient roots, which has been able to improve over time and propose more and more organic cosmetic products that could not damage the surrounding environment. This small French company comes from the Ardéche region, and has been operating in the cosmetics market for over thirty years. The company was founded in 1983, this was founded by a French beekeeper who was already known for its production of organic honey from Melvita’s hive. This very important beehive for the owner’s organic farm, which at the end also called its cosmetics line eco-bio.

The company after its opening and with the active production of 400 different cosmetics, has been acquired by one of the biggest natural cosmetics brands in France, the multinational L’Occitane en Provence. Although the company is part of the Occitane group, it continues to operate in its small factory, always using only organic and environmentally sustainable products. In 2002 the brand stands out from the others on the French market, thanks to the receipt of the Ecocert Label for certified organic beauty products in France. This is the first company to receive this recognition, thanks to its constant commitment to the production of cosmetics that are truly environmentally friendly.


Ingredients, fragrances and characteristics of Melvita products

The cosmetics produced by Melvita are obtained from the combination of different ingredients of completely natural origin. Melvita products contain honey, as well as plants and flowers, for this reason they are not recommended to those who follow a vegan lifestyle, but they are perfect for those looking for organic cosmetics.

The products of this company are completely safe, as these are always subjected to rigorous tests before being placed on the market. Naturally the tests carried out on these products are not carried out on the animals, in fact the brand in addition to being eco-bio is also Cruelty free. The tests carried out on Melvita products are used to confirm to the customer that these can also be used by those who have sensitive skin, which tends to redden or become irritated often.

Melvita’s collection as well as countless high-quality cosmetics also possesses a precious selection of completely natural and pure oil. These oils are perfect for nourishing and going against the needs of the skin. In addition to pure oils created by various plants and natural flowers, the company also offers other cosmetics for the care and beauty of the body and skin. For example, we find various types of butters for the body, or floral waters flavored with lavender, geranium or orange blossom. Finally, all the creams, shampoos, conditioners, and cosmetics produced by Melvita are sold in completely eco-sustainable packaging and coming from scraps, processed and recycled specifically for the packaging of the product. Finally, all Melvita stores are also eco-sustainable. These are furnished only with plants, natural wood, have energy-saving lights and follow all the rules Ecolabel, to provide maximum wellbeing to customers and staff.