Mulac Cosmetic: Italian Vegan Cosmetics Brand

Mulac is a new Italian cosmetics line that was created with the intention of making the products that could meet, with creativity and genuineness, natural raw materials, so that it can also be used by professional make-up. Professional cosmetics produced by Mulac Cosmetic are suitable to all, because it is made with only vegan ingredients, allowing everyone to use color cosmetics and able to meet their beauty needs.

The formulation of these natural based products so skillfully manages to combine the idea of professional make up, based on creativity and art to the high performance that are used to meet the needs of professional make up artist.

Where are produced cosmetics Mulac Cosmetic

Cosmetics of Cosmetic Mulac are mostly produced in Italy. The choice to be a Made in Italy brand has allowed this company to not only adapt to a vegan style production but also to make use of several materials unique raw of their kind.

In fact, as stated by the company this brand may well boast 90% of natural ingredients, combining them are some industrially-derived components that allow you to mix the most of all the peculiarities of their cosmetic formulations.

In addition to producing cosmetics mainly in Italy, this company has also decided to focus on packaging that is innovative and elegant but at the same time it is made from high quality raw materials that can provide  protection maximum the integrity of the cosmetic.

Mulac Cosmetic: products on sale

Cosmetic Mulac provides different cosmetics, indeed it may be among the Italian companies that has the widest selection of vegan cosmetics and suitable also for professional make up. Among the products available are:

Lipsticks various kinds of colorful and also available in special nuance usually hard to come by such as lilac, light blue and blue.

Eyeshadow: These are also made of dust and have a texture much double that allows to use them even for a trick that should last for several hours or for an entire day’s work. Among the shadows we are also including metallic, beautiful to get noticed at all times.

Enlightening, blush and foundation: All of these products make up the face, are distinguished by their being of various kinds and are ideal for all types of skin and all styles.

Mulac Cosmetic prices and where to buy

The Mulac Cosmetic products are available in professional make-up centers. If you want to buy for personal pleasure, however you can also choose to buy them on their main site directly online.

Product prices are average, lipsticks cost around € 12 while a shadow slot can cost about five euro.

What makes them slightly more expensive than other cosmetics is due to the use of natural ingredients and also the realization of ideal texture for creation of a professional makeup and long lasting.