NABLA: Italian brand Cruelty Free and Vegan

After so many foreign brands, inside Italian brands of cruelty free and Vegan cosmetics, we found NABLA Cosmetics, this company was created to offer to all its customers a line of effective products, but at the same time safe, natural, cruelty free, vegan and top quality cosmetics.

About cosmetic look with these characteristics, you should definitely prefer Italian brands, which in recent years are being imposed in this new niche of green cosmetics. Choose an Italian brand allows you to be confident about controls and ingredients used in the creation of cosmetics. Especially in the natural cosmetics sector it is good to know the companies and products that are preparing actually to use.

If NABLA, we find products and high-quality ingredients, in fact, as can be seen from its online catalog, this company mainly focuses on natural components, trying to use as little as possible of chemical ingredients.

NABLA: Cruelty free or vegan?

The company not preclude the use of its products even to customers who do not wish to get in touch with ingredients of animal origin has provided more than just a line Cruelty free even the inclusion of some Vegan products. So not all the cosmetics that you find on the site are vegans, some of these have completely herbal ingredients, while others contain animal components but are untested.

In fact, the brand Leaping Bunny, obtained from NABLA confirms that the company does not test on animals the product once completed nor uses outside companies for the execution of product testing, finally has also chosen not to market any cosmetic in countries undertake animal testing for cosmetics such as China. In fact, all products sold, imported or exported from China have been compulsorily tested on animals.

Even the use of animal products NABLA however, is very careful, in fact most are vegan and non-vegan the only ingredient that can be found in cosmetics is only Cruelty free beeswax. In fact, this company cares deeply about animals, so much so that he chose not to use other animal ingredients like carmine or cochineal.

The strengths of NABLA

NABLA, first of all is an Italian company, which besides being very attentive to the world of animals, creating products that do not harm them so made with ingredients Cruelty Free and Vegan, also chose to create cosmetics fashionable also ideal for younger. All its cosmetic lines are composed of young and trendy, is the right foundation for different skin tones and you can choose eye shadow between vibrant and attractive colors. Cosmetic NABLA, can also be used not only by the girls who keep animals, but also by professionals who want to use a natural make-up but still resist in time. Finally, NABLA has also chosen to control its production chain in order to pollute as little as possible and therefore also in the full respect of nature as well as of animals.