Natural products and Vegan against stretch marks

One of the main problems plaguing women all over the world are the stretchmarks.

Stretch marks on the skin leave similar marks to the white scars, red or pink, depending on the severity. In any case, these are a “cross” that all women would like to delete to finally see the skin free from these signs. In the market there are many creams and oils that promise to make you achieve this but often contain chemicals and harmful ingredients compensation, and animal. To avoid use of expensive creams and an INCI not ideal, you can choose to use the simple, natural ingredients that will finally allow us to mitigate stretch marks.

Natural solutions are definitely more suited to solve or at least mitigate the problem of stretch marks. Plants that we’re going to offer have positive effects on the elasticity of the skin and allow you to repair the damage that stretch marks have made the elastic fibers. These herbs and natural compounds, can also be used during pregnancy or a diet, to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

Let’s see what are the best ingredients Vegan to remove stretch marks


Horsetail is a plant used for the production of several natural remedies herbal. The main properties of the plant, will allow you to trigger the skin in a healing process thus eliminating the unsightly stretch marks and damaged skin tissues. In addition Horsetail is rich in silicon, this mineral allows to nourish the skin thoroughly and to repair the best skin.

Gotu Kola

Risultati immagini per Centella Asiatica

This is a plant found in Asian countries, is known mainly for its positive properties with regard to skin care. The oil or Centella asiatica extracts can be purchased online, or directly to the major health food stores. The Centella Asiatica is very effective against stretch marks, thanks to its natural components that provide aeffect. skin restoring and healing


The rose mosqueta is a fragrant flower and is used in cosmetics and for the production of creams and oils for the skin. To use the rose Hip against stretch marks, you can buy the essential oil at any herbal medicine, pharmacy or in the main online channels. The Rose Hip Oil is perfect for fighting scars and stretch marks. You may want to use it every day in pregnancy, to prevent, however, the appearance of stretch marks.

Aloe Vera

Risultati immagini per Aloe Vera

A natural herb used virtually for every thing is Aloe Vera. This plant adapts to any area of the body, it can treat stretch marks and at the same time help to eliminate cellulite. Aloe Vera is rich in vitamin E and C, for this reason it is considered good for the skin. To use this plant, you can buy online or in bio shops, the Aloe Vera Gel. This gel is simple to use and can be applied daily for several weeks, in order to enjoy the first benefits of this product.


Finally, among the plants can be used to remove stretch marks are scented lavender. This plant can be used in the form of essential oil to soften the marks left by stretch marks or to heal old scars.