Natural remedies for dark circles with Cruelty free ingredients

Dark circles are one of the blemishes that we try to fight more frequently, especially before you put on makeup and make a perfect make-up to exit. Usually for action on dark circles we use the concealer, but there are many natural ingredients that can eliminate and alleviate dark circles under the eyes.

The causes of dark circles

Dark circles can be caused by many factors, not only from the sleepless nights. Many suffer from dark circles because they work long hours at the computer, others for a genetic predisposition and hereditary. In other cases this imperfection can be caused by power problems, excessive stress, periods of illness, allergies and chronic fatigue. All of these causes can be fought treating the skin with ingredients and natural remedies that can nourish the area and make the most beautiful and radiant face.

Natural remedies for dark circles: what are they?

There are several natural remedies for dark circles, many are simple to use and readily available. Let’s look at some of the most effective.

Mask cucumber or fresh cucumber: to eliminate dark circles is possible to make a mask with the pulp of the cucumber mixed with yogurt and honey. A simpler solution instead is to take two slices of cucumber and place them on the circles for a few minutes.

Milk: Milk is very nutritious and eliminates the blacks circles around the eyes and swelling. To use it as a remedy, just take two disks of soft cotton and then quickly put them in cold milk. After they come out, take the disks and place them under the eyes for at least five minutes.

Lemon: Another all-natural ingredient that eliminates dark circles is the lemon, it contains citric acid, ideal to eliminate dark circles under the eyes. To use lemon or you can mix the juice with the plain yogurt or you can take two lemon slices and place them on the eyes.

Potato: This is a method to the extent known, in fact, the potato is a tuber that is able to absorb the imperfections and to deflate the bags under the eyes. To be able to eliminate dark circles cut a potato in half and place it over the eyes. Leave on for twenty minutes, after which rinse the eyes with water.

Aloe Vera: Aloe is widely used for various beauty preparations and is also able to eliminate the signs of dark circles. Aloe or natural creams based that can be purchased directly in herbal medicine. If you buy the aloe gel is possible to place it on the eyes and let it act for 15 minutes.

The Tea Mask: Finally, the last remedy for dark circles involves the use of black tea. To create a mask to tea just do some of black tea and then add the oat meal until a creamy consistency. Apply the mask under the eyes, after which leave it on for 15 minutes before rinsing your face with cold water.