“Not tested on animals” and Cruelty free: They are the Same Thing?

Today animal tests for finished products are banned by the European Union in the same way also the sale of products that have been manufactured and tested outside Europe is prohibited. What therefore differentiates cruelty free products from those that are not like that, dependent on the testing phase of ingredients and components of a cosmetic.

But many think that the cruelty free definition is questionable. This is because you can really define cruelty free only those companies that use the ingredients of the positive list. So only the components tested on the market before 1976, when instead it was no requirement of animal tests.

In fact, many companies even have the cruelty free “Standard” actually do not adhere to such a strict regimen.


Precisely, in order to remove this barrier, it was expected the International Standard called: Not tested on animals. With this variant, the Cruelty free products can be everyone:

  • Do not test finished products on animals and that no commission to third parties any tests.
  • Also they have not tested, nor commissioned the third test on individual components.

Of course, these products are cruelty free, but their components have been tested in the past on animals. So what is the Standard: Not tested on animals.

This is positive, as it does not feed new vivisection of animals, also using these ingredients the company does not carry out further tests on new chemicals or synthetic. While it may avail itself of the use of natural ingredients, plant without increasing experimentation.

The various labels on the products not tested on animals


In addition to the endorsements: Not tested on animals, many companies also use other terms to be defined completely in favor of the elimination of the test. Above all, not all companies that do not test on animals have necessarily the brand Cruelty free.

To get this brand in fact, you have to pay an annual amount to the various associations that support the Leaping Bunny logo. Many cosmetic companies refuse to pay this “tax” and so prefer to use other types of labels otherwise comply fully with European laws.

The words that you can find are: Against animal testing, clinically tested, dermatologically tested. These all have the same value as those that boast of Cruelty free brand. However, to make sure that a company does not even texts the ingredients on animals, we should review all of the companies that have joined or not the International Standard: Not tested on animals. This standard, which provides for the signing of an actual contract rises more important than the free Cruelty brand that still is “purchased” by many companies.

At the moment however, many companies, especially those that offer vegan products, not test products on animals. The board and always opt for cosmetics and marketed in Europe. For example, if you buy Chinese cosmetics online, those will certainly be tested on animals, since this obligation exists in China.