Officina Naturae

Nature Cosmetics and Cruelty free

Officina Naturae is an Italian brand with certified products Cruelty free and Vegan Ok. All of its products have not used or carried out animal testing for the use of certain components for the realization of its cosmetics. All the ingredients used were chosen through a specific ethical standard that puts in place the completely natural and non-animal components.

This company is very transparent in its action, in fact, has chosen to provide complete leaflets describing exactly all the components used to produce its cosmetics and beauty products. Officina Naturae has created its vegan and cruelty free lines because it follows specific inspirational principles and rules that apply to the realization of all products, which are also ecological as well as natural.

Officina Naturae works only cosmetics:

  • With high quality and eco-friendly products
  • Have formulations designed to be completely safe for both the environment and man
  • The raw materials used for the creation of products come from organic farming and from countries with active projects to support fair trade.

Its ingredients come from raw materials of mineral or vegetable origin, eliminating from the list of hazardous synthesis components, petrochemicals and animal substances.

Natural cosmetics of Officina Naturae: its lines

Officina Naturae Cosmetics include different lines ideal for the care of beauty and body wellbeing, we see some of the most important.

Concentrated Eco-Organic Cosmetics: These products include their full-fledged Italian and biological phyto-complexes. All cosmetics are made with innovative formulas that do not contain sulphates, these are surfactants and highly dermatological. Inside this line you can also find deodorants with plant extracts that keep the perfume for a long time.

Cosmetics without high perfume Dermo-compatibility: Many people also suffer from allergy to multiple scent and chemical sensitivities. The products of Officina Naturae, on the other hand, are suitable for every type of skin and are completely safe and delicate on the skin thanks to innovative and vegetable ingredients.

Rimini’s solariums: For all those who also seek Cruelty free products to go to the beach with the utmost tranquility. Naturae works, in fact, offers sun and sunshine, certified as natural cosmetics, these are made with Sicilian Fico D’India extract, which is moisturizing and refreshing on the skin, also benefiting from the sun-redness.

The Officina Naturae Line for Oral Hygiene: This company also thinks about hygiene with Cruelty free products. Among these are natural toothpaste dentists, astringent and balsamic collutants without chlorhexidine and triclosan. It also provides a line of soft brush bristles and a handle made from renewable resources such as wood pulp.

Finally, we find the Chiuri butter cosmetics: this natural cosmetic line is characterized by the Chiuri Butter, which comes from the Nepal mountains and is nutritious and emollient. Chiuri Butter Cosmetics have only Vegan and Cruelty free natural ingredients.