Olive Oil Benefits the Skin

Olive oil is a natural product that allows you to really get a lot of benefits for body care and beauty of the skin. This is possible due to its many nutritional properties,especially if you use the extra virgin quality. Olive oil is known to stimulate cell renewal, you can also make the skin more elastic and treat major skin blemishes.

Risultati immagini per olio d'oliva

The Olive Oil fact penetrating deeply into the skin, allows this to win over all its natural principles.This product has been used for some time either by the Romans or the Greeks because of its healing properties, in addition, extra virgin olive oil is a product that has always had a strong relief in the Mediterranean diet,and in culinary preparations mainly of Mediterranean regions.

Let’s find out what are and properties and quality of olive oil and how to use them to improve the skin condition.

Olive oil: what it is its quality

Risultati immagini per olio d'oliva

Olive Oil is not only ideal for the wellbeing of the body, then, but also for that of the body and of epidermis.The external application allows oil with its nourishing, friends acids, fats and vitamins its  improves status and the skin’s beauty.

This oil is a concentrate that can substances, regenerate skin this is due to the high amount of vitamin E in it, and the antioxidants that can fight the enemies of the skin, or free radicals. These are among the main responsible for aging of the skin and hair, which is why olive oil is often one of the main ingredients for vegan creams cosmetic and hair products.

In addition to vitamin E also the vitamin A contained within it allows the cells to regenerate and repair tissues that have been damaged.For the beauty of the epidermis, intervene in a positive way instead of the fatty acids, and phytosterols linolene. All of these substances result in an increase in the softness and elasticity of the epidermis.

One of the main advantages of Olive oil is its can be applied to all skin types. This is also suitable for those who suffer from hypersensitivity and for those that have cracks on the skin.

Uses and products Vegan and Cruelty free olive oil

Risultati immagini per olio d'oliva

Olive oil is one of the major beauty ingredients for healthy skin and body, especially if you want to use only vegan products that not contain other products chemical or bad for the skin.The Olive Oil is a product that is well suited to creams and shampoos for this reason it is recommended to use these to keep skin young, soft and healthy.

Among the products Cruelty Free and Vegan olive oil we suggest those of OLEA.This is a line that features body creams, hand, face and foot all based on the use of‘Oliveoil,which has a nourishing, softening and soothing to the skin and body.

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