Organic and natural perfumes: why choose them?

Who devotes to cosmetics natural and biologists, vegan and cruelty free does not just look for tricks and creams for the body, but also the perfumes! Finding a biological perfume is not easy, because often there are chemical and harmful components to the skin inside them.

Given the demand of those who love natural products, however, there are several companies that have decided to make vegan and organic perfumes. But what are the biological and natural scents and how to recognize them?

Why do perfumes have harmful substances?

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Inside the traditional perfumes and reading the various INCI it is possible to understand how we have innumerable harmful substances inside them. Greenpeace has highlighted how many perfumes are actually Eau de toxins, a mixture of toxins harmful to the body.

Greenpeace has discovered, analyzing different brands known and produced in 36 different countries, that within these fragrances there are substances that have harmful effects on health. Among these are diet hylphthalate DEP a phthalate harmful to the skin. Besides this, there are the various synthetic mosses such as the AHTN tonalite and the HHCB galaxolide. Synthetic mosses are widely used instead of natural ones, while others are used as denatured alcohol.

Several scientific studies have shown how these substances are able to quickly enter the epidermis, and can also damage the body. Furthermore, these substances also have a link with the onset of diseases such as asthma, allergies, irritations and some forms of cancer.

Only with the sense of smell is it not possible to understand what the natural perfumes are, and which ones are rich in chemical substances. The only way to understand the origin of a perfume is to read the labels and in case look for a label that explains if the scent is organic or natural.

How to choose organic and natural fragrances?

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Often in the perfume labels are not all the labels on the certifications that these possess. So how is it possible to understand if a perfume is really natural? Before buying a product, the consumer must understand if the certifications present really ensure that there are only natural and organic products.

In fact, you need to know that sometimes, some companies in cruelty free perfumes do not use products tested on animals but use chemical compounds that however can be harmful to the skin. So what are the certifications to be traced to be able to understand if the scent is really natural?

We can find three different certifications for the choice of organic and natural perfumes:

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The Cosmos Standard allows us to understand that the company has joined various certifications such as: Cosmebio, Icea, Soil Association and Ecocert. The Cosmo Standard also includes two other certifications, namely:

Cosmos Organic: this is defined for organic products. If it is present, it means that at least 20% of the components and ingredients are organic and 80% must be of mineral origin. Furthermore, the present ingredients deriving from agricultural production must be at least 95% organic.

The Cosmos Natural, on the other hand, serves to identify natural products that are not necessarily biological but do not contain chemical substances.