Packaging sustainable eco and vegan for the cosmetic line BIO +

Favini global leader in packaging for the products fashion and luxury industry decides to dress the packaging of eco-friendly line of vegan cosmetics BIO More Vagheggi.

The Italian cosmetic company now present in more than 2000 beauty salons and exports its products to over 60 countries around the world has found a way to make it even more beautiful and attractive its cosmetics as well as highly sustainable.

Favini, so entered the game and allows you to make the new packaging of highly organic BIO + cosmetics, functional and highly tested. These new labels have been also applied in cosmetics and bio vegan high headboard, as the new BIO + line, 100% Made in Italy.The new line is formulated with only selected raw materials and certified and work in full compliance with human subjects, animals and the environment.

The company fully embraces the concepts of sustainable development and for this reason it was possible collaboration between Favini and BIO More Vagheggi.The new, highly sustainable packaging serves precisely to meet the needs of consumers looking for products more and more attention to sustainable design.

The paper of the new BIO + packaging

For the new packaging line, the company was looking for a sustainable paper, biodegradable and environmentally friendly, but it was also highly innovative. The company’s research has made it possible to find in Favini Shiro Alga and in his paper the answer to the problem.

The new Shiro Alga paper was born in the 90s from algae that infested the waters of the Venice Lagoon. Even today they reuse excess algae of the lagoons and around the world. The paper made by Favini is certified FSC and is highly ecological, but not only.

Innovation is not just about the use of algae to make the packaging but also the production process that has enabled the creation of this specific product. Favini to realize this paper has chosen to neutralize all emissions non-avoidable residual of Shiro, in order to increase the product value.

Moreover, thanks to an action of Carbon emissions Offsets are only generated to produce the paper and are entirely offset by Carbon Credit and these have been so acquired by Favini to finance this activity can generate the degree of CO2 in the atmosphere .

Finally, the new Bio + packaging provides neither glue points or special coatings, this because its interior is not present no information leaflet. The characteristics of the product and its ingredients are in fact directly written on the paper used for packaging.

Finally, the products are made of lightweight glass and have a low environmental impact, and finally these are recyclable thanks to the tubes in bioplastic, plant-based. This has been realized with a method to what particular which involves the fermentation of the homonymous sugar cane, grown without GMOs in Brazil. Also the preparation of droppers and jars for cosmetics so allow a reduction of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere and are certified with the logo finally I’m green.