Peel off mask: what is it?

The peel off mask is an ideal specific method for making the complexion more bright and pure. This mask is a very useful remedy, in fact, to cleanse your face and remove all impurities that attack during the day. The skin needs to be tended constantly, when we do not, nor cares, unfortunately, this tends to turn gray, increase the free radicals you produce too much sebum, or skin becomes dry and cracks easily.

A peel off mask is a very useful remedy to eliminate these impurities, to remove the dead and dry skin, to purify, to remove dead cells that do not allow the skin to be properly oxygenated. Often, makeup, powder, foundation, and all the cosmetics we use every day tend to make the pores of the skin closed. When the pores are closed and that no hydrogen is the best, they create several anti-aesthetic problems and increasingly s’ingrigisce face.

To solve this problem, then you can take the specific peel off masks, which allow you to exfoliate your skin and make regenerated, clean and glowing complexion.

Peel Off Mask Pomegranate: to remove points blacks and cleanse the skin

A peel off mask to Pomegranate allows you to remove points blacks, can cleanse the skin and make every area of the face less impure and brighter. The impurities typically are generated in sensitive areas of the face such as the nose, chin and forehead. By choosing to apply the mask on your face you can remove small pimples and points blacks. The pomegranate mask also is highly nutritive, thanks to this feature after its application it is possible to note immediately as the skin is free from blacks points in excess and how it can be more beautiful and bright.

The mask Pomegranate, also enjoys all the beneficial properties of this fruit. Pomegranate is rich in phenols and vitamin C, its phytochemicals such as anthocyanins and tannins, are able to make the skin more beautiful and sheltered from the effects of free radicals. Pomegranate is a natural ingredient that is thus able to stimulate cells, keratinocyte skin these allow cell regeneration. For this reason, the mask to peel off pomegranate is also able to be an excellent anti-aging. When we talk about skin care, we must not underestimate the pomegranate, this fact is also able to improve the production of collagen and elastin,allowing the skin to become stronger.

Facial Mask Black Sea Weed

The mask body wrap made of black seaweed is perfect to regenerate the skin and make it more bright and free from blemishes. This face mask is made only with natural ingredients and is free of chemicals or harsh products that could spoil the PH of the skin. The black algae act in depth in the dermis, for this reason can be used to carry out a correct peel off eliminating the dry skin and blacks points.

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