Pettenon Cosmetics: idealizes a new line of cosmetics Bio and green

Green cosmetics is a field increasingly expanding. By now every girl and woman has in her various beauty products organic beauty and benefits, which do not affect the health of the skin and especially do not involve harm to the environment. Every day there are new companies launching vegan cosmetic lines and made only with organic products.

One of the latest cosmetic lines to enter into this sector is the Pettenon Cosmetics. The Pettenon Cosmetics SPA is a dynamic and innovative Italian, always expanding thanks to the various lines for the cosmetics sold in the Italian market and internationally. Its manufacturing site is always expanding and has specialized mainly in two areas: one dedicated to treatments for the care and beauty of hair, which in Professional Hair Care, and that of Skin Care.In these areas the company is distinguished by its strong production of cosmetics such as: masks, shampoo, styling products, technical products and products for the beauty of the body.

One of the last lines proposed by this company is dedicated to the world of cosmetic vegan and organic certified ingredients. The new line is called Bbgreen of Rivit. Rivit is one of the historic brands of the Paduan, this is captained by Frederick and John Pegorin that are specialized in the production of products for the cosmetics and haircare professional.

Products BbGreen of Rivit: the characteristics

BbGreen Rivit products, as reported from company  provides only cosmetic produced between 90 and 97% all-natural. The decision to produce cosmetics green is very important to safeguard the welfare of the environment. For this reason, each ingredient of BbGreen is made with botanical derived components, these are also included mineral salts, when these have not been obtained from synthesis processes. Each cosmetic made from the line of Rivit BbGreen products has simple ingredients such as fruit, vegetables, goji berries and aloe vera. Every cosmetic is also 100% vegan, paraben free, contains no GMOs, paraffin, SLS orSLES.Moreover, all products are tested for nickel and can be used by those who suffer from this particular allergy.

To confirm his attention to the territory, the company decided to create a special Christmas kit with the new Bbgreen products to the proceeds collaborate with the Polis Group in the project House Viola. The purple house project provides the welcome in a secure facility for all those who have problems and are located in the Padua area. This center is located at a secret address, in order to accommodate women and children who have suffered violence and who need help anda specific psychological journey.

So, buy the new Revit products Bbgreen not only helps to support an environment cleaner and a world of cosmetics without animal ingredients, such as the ability to support important social causes such as the project House Viola.