Phitofilos: Hair dyes Cruelty Free and Vegan OK

Phitofilos is a company present in Europe which took place in the cosmetics and natural green. The company has chosen to fit into a specific field formulating natural products for coloring and for the welfare and care of the hair. Phitofilos’s goal is to offer the priceless quality treatments and effective but at the same time vegan, eco friendly and cruelty free.Thanks to the quality of these products these dyes are available at all retailers, hairdressers and shops.

All the colors used to create these natural colors are herbal and cosmetics with no chemical ingredient. Phitofilos is an Italian brand and is a reference point for those wishing to dye your own hair, not having to undergo the application of chemical products tested on animals.

Phitofilos in Italy, is one of the first Italian companies to want to propose to all those who value the preservation of nature and animals. This company in fact, think of the necessity and importance of a process aimed at respecting the environment and ourselves. The company has a very detailed website that allows you to read all the information about the brand and its many certifications.

The information and control over the quality,reliability and transparency are not only a duty for companies but also for those who want to treat eco-cosmetics. For this reason the company wants through its website put knowledge of their cards and production processes.

Phitofilos: its flagship products

I Phitofilos products and meet the need of those who want to take care of their hair without any compromise. Its main ingredients are based riflessanti henna and herbs, each of the components and natural because only in this way the hair may be truly nourished. The hair always need natural treatments and a healthy diet that allows him to be strong and not fall, dry or damaged.

Phitofilos, recommends to all its customers to have a recipe for good healthy hair, it states that you need to nourish the hair:

  • lead healthy eating
  • experience innovative products
  • and use natural products without chemical constituents

The Phitofilos flagship products include the use of henna, herbal specific dye and plant treatments that allow you to get maximum beauty result. The certified products are a complete beauty treatment, the proposed colors and shades are different. In addition, this hair can also be applied to cover gray hair, eliminate regrowth and give life to these in full color and are able to maintain long, even without the use of chemicals.

Phitofilos: certifications

The Phitofilos brand has obtained several certification, this first of all provides a completely natural INCI, has several eco-BIO certifications for natural herbs used in its products. Among the certifications Phitofilos there are: the AIAB, QCertificazioni, VeganOk.